Microsoft Distinguished Scientists

Distinguished Scientist Criteria

The Distinguished Scientist is a title and set of responsibilities conferred to recognize individuals at the highest level of non- executive research achievement, advancing the state of the art of computer science and engineering.  Distinguished Scientist work is detailed within a specific area of research, however the contribution is influential companywide  and in the broader research community worldwide.  The promotion criteria typically includes the following:

Recognized externally including the academic and research communities as leader in a particular area of Research:

  • Criteria includes working to solve  scientific challenges that may/may not be directly related to MS technical needs but rather contribute to advancing the state of the art of Research and Computer Science

  • Are recognized throughout the academic and research community for their achievements and potentially within the company.

Recognized throughout Microsoft for their contribution and leadership including:

  • Demonstrated high level of performance through significant impact bringing innovation and know-how into BG ship cycles that yield new insights into Microsoft product development.

  • Emerging as a leader on a broader scale, moving from a Research area related sphere of influence to a corporate level of influence and leadership (e.g. collaborating with other Research and BG technical leaders to optimize execution of technical strategies). 

  • Consistent and significant successes with regard to influencing MS products, industry impact in new areas of research, technical transfer into MS products, developing accurate technical strategies and/or other easily recognized world class achievements which are perceived as materially significant.

  • P. Anandan

  • Christopher M. Bishop

  • Andrew Blake

  • Ashok Chandra

  • Surajit Chaudhuri

  • Jennifer Tour Chayes

  • Cynthia Dwork

  • Anoop Gupta

  • David Heckerman

  • Hsiao-Wuen Hon

  • Eric Horvitz

  • Hong-Jiang Zhang

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