Revving Up the Windows Embedded Auto Engine

REDMOND, Wash. — May 12, 2010 — Microsoft’s automotive efforts are springing into action as Windows Embedded continues to work with a variety of industry partners in the automotive space, picking up prestigious industry recognition along the way.

Recognizing the power of Microsoft’s automotive technology and the innovations from its industry partners, Telematics Update announced the finalists in 11 industry categories ahead of the June Telematics Update Detroit event. Microsoft is honored to be named along with its partners in six of those categories. Hundreds of companies are nominated and are chosen by a panel of leading industry experts. Included in the short-list are the following:

  • Kevin Dallas, general manager for Windows Embedded, for Telematics Leadership

  • Windows Embedded Automotive platform, for Best Telematics Component Solution

  • Kia UVO, Powered by Microsoft, for Industry Newcomer and Car Manufacturer Innovation Award

  • Ford Motor Co., for Best Telematics Service & Application for Commercial Vehicles and Car Manufacturer Innovation Award

Kevin Dallas, General Manager, Windows Embedded, Microsoft Corp.

While waiting patiently for the winners to be announced, Windows Embedded moves forward with its planned activity in Detroit. Look for some exciting developments around Windows 7 and advanced Microsoft Silverlight technologies coming to the next release of Windows Embedded Automotive platform, Windows Embedded Automotive 7. Pranish Kumar, group program manager for Windows Embedded, will deliver a keynote address on enriching the in-vehicle experience through innovative software platforms, and to hold you over until his June 8 remarks, you can listen to him talk briefly about this and the alliances Microsoft has in the auto industry. Stay tuned for more details next month coming out of Telematics Detroit.

Demonstrating one reason why it is up for an innovation award, Ford has been working with University of Michigan students during a 12-week course to define the future of in-car connectivity. The results included applications ranging from social networking to real-time vehicle data. This was part of Ford’s research project, “American Journey 2.0,” which Microsoft, along with Intel, is involved with. As part of the course, Microsoft and Ford chose a winning application that will run in a Ford Fiesta research vehicle outfitted with prototype software running on a Windows 7-based PC powered by Intel, which will make a trip to Maker Faire.

Ford, a longtime partner of Microsoft, recently announced that it also teamed up with Microsoft Hohm to work with the utility industry to pave the way for energy-efficient rechargeable electric vehicles. Ford and the Microsoft Tellme group, which enables the Traffic, Directions, Information (TDI) capabilities of Ford SYNC, have been busy as well. Check back tomorrow to hear more.

All of this shows that there is an appetite for rich and innovative in-vehicle experiences. Windows Embedded Partner Qualnetics also understands this and on April 29 announced a Windows Embedded Automotive Developer Kit (WE-ADK). This new platform is designed to be developer-friendly and flexible, providing an open road to create new in-vehicle experiences. Through the WE-ADK, Windows Embedded Automotive technology will be more broadly available to developers and OEMs as more car-makers realize that people are craving rich content and connected experiences in their vehicles.

Also, extending the drive globally, Windows Embedded is gearing up for Kevin Dallas’ participation at the Automobil-Elektronik Congress, taking place next month in Germany. Stay tuned to the Windows Embedded Newsroom and follow @msftweb on Twitter for more updates leading up to the show.

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