Microsoft and Partners Honored at Telematics Update Awards 2010

NOVI, Mich. — June 9, 2010 — On Monday evening, Microsoft and its automotive partners took home several awards from Telematics Update 2010, an industry-leading event that brings together top innovators in the technology and automotive industries around the globe. The Telematics Awards represent the best of the best in an industry where constant innovation is expected. This year, Microsoft partners using the Windows Embedded Automotive software platform received several awards, including these:

  • Jim Buczkowski, Ford Motor Co., for Best Telematics Leadership

  • Ford Work Solutions for Best Telematics Service and Application for Commercial Vehicles

  • Kia UVO for Industry Newcomer

“These awards serve as validation of the innovative work our partners are driving on top of our platform, and we’re thrilled to see them getting rewarded for their efforts,” said Walter Sullivan, senior product manager for Microsoft Windows Embedded.

Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Automotive software platform received honorable mention in the “Best Telematics Component Solution” category. The Windows Embedded Automotive platform powers industry-leading solutions including Ford SYNC, Kia UVO and Fiat Blue&Me.

Ford Motor’s Jim Buczkowski, director of global electrical and electronics systems engineering, was honored with the Best Telematics Leadership award.

“I’m humbled and grateful at the recognition of the hard work that the Ford team has put into delivering SYNC, which has set a standard for in-car connectivity,” Buczkowski said. “However, these results are actually delivered by a much larger team including great partners like Microsoft, Airbiquity, Nuance and others. It’s evident by the fact that the nominations for this award included Microsoft’s Kevin Dallas and Airbiquity’s Kamyar Moinzadeh. Having great technology partners has been key to our success and will be key to the future as in-car connectivity and telematics continue to dramatically change the automotive business and provide great benefits to our customers.”

Ford also walked away with a win in the “Best Telematics Service and Application for Commercial Vehicles” category for Ford Work Solutions, a collection of affordable technologies built on the Windows Embedded Automotive software platform that provides Ford truck customers with connectivity, flexibility, visibility and security to better run key aspects of their business.

Kia UVO, powered by Microsoft, was honored with the “Industry Newcomer” award for its innovative solution. With UVO, announced at CES 2010 in January, drivers and passengers can quickly and directly access music files, change radio stations, make or answer phone calls, send and receive SMS text messages, and operate a rear-view camera when the driver shifts into reverse, all through voice-activated controls using Microsoft speech recognition technology. UVO is available in the U.S. later this year.

“UVO powered by Microsoft is a breakthrough for in-vehicle infotainment and another solid example of why Kia is a true tier-one automotive brand,” said Michael Sprague, vice president of marketing for Kia Motors America. “Collaborating with Microsoft, Kia Motors is able to offer drivers a rich telematic experience that will provide our cars with a clear competitive advantage, allowing Kia drivers to safely and easily use all of their personal technologies and create personalized in-car communications and entertainment experiences.”

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