Windows Embedded Handheld Technologies Fuel Intermec CS40

REDMOND, Wash. — Sept. 22, 2010 — As you may have read in other features on the Windows Embedded News Center, Microsoft recently affirmed its commitment to enterprise handheld devices through a new software platform – Windows Embedded Handheld. Windows Embedded Handheld is designed to meet key line-of-business (LOB) scenarios and the boost productivity of the mobile enterprise work force by enabling users to capture, access and act on business critical information where and when they need it.

This week, Intermec launched its CS40, a new ruggedized mobile device that is built on Windows Embedded Handheld technologies including the Windows Mobile 6.5 platform. The CS40 is designed for mobile professionals who need versatile and reliable access and acquisition of information in real time, at the point of work, according to Intermec’s press release. Targeted sectors include users in businesses such as pre-sales, merchandising, field service, long haul and truck load transportation.

Intermec’s CS40 ruggedized mobile device

The shifting demands within the enterprise handheld device market had a major influence on Intermec’s development strategy for the CS40, which blends the functionality of a smartphone with the high-performance of a ruggedized device. The need to conduct business on the go fueled Intermec’s decision to couple the CS40 with Windows Embedded Handheld technologies to provide the rich, immersive user experiences of touch or gesture response along with enhanced connectivity to Windows-based PCs, servers and online services, as well as other devices.

“The CS40 device is a great fit for managers and supervisors who want to carry a device that has the look and feel of a smartphone interface but is capable of surviving in rough, everyday environments,” said Jon Rasmussen, marketing director for Intermec. “The goal of the CS40 is to help workers act on large volumes of data quickly and efficiently, cut down the total cost of ownership, and go beyond the functionality of the typical smartphone.”

For years Intermec has successfully delivered rugged mobile devices; the CS40 falls in line with the company’s promise to fit the needs of customers looking for a device with high reliability for specific LOB scenarios and a small form factor.

Rather than strip away the software that field service workers have become familiar with, Intermec believed the Windows Embedded Handheld technologies, including the Windows Mobile 6.5 platform, could serve as the bridge to seamlessly transition workers to the latest in mobile computing.

“One of the direct benefits Intermec has derived from its relationship with Microsoft, Windows Embedded in particular, has been the continuous advancements in application migration,” Rasmussen said.

The device was developed with a global outlook in mind. Currently, there are over 30 partners worldwide who have expressed an interest in testing the CS40. Based on the feedback Intermec has received from companies during the testing state, the user experiences have been impressive.

The CS40 will be certified in over 90 countries around the world and will have the capacity for customers to select their language right out of the box.

For more on the CS40 check out Intermec’s YouTube page.

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