Cruising Into a Brand-New Season

REDMOND, Wash. — Oct. 5, 2010 — From the smartphones in our pockets to the multiple ways we communicate through Twitter, wall posts, instant messaging and chat, technology is constantly keeping us connected to the latest news and information. The idea of connectivity is slowly becoming standard in vehicles across the world, as more and more people demand that their cars match their connected lifestyles. Features that use technology to be greener, or that enable unique safety abilities, are becoming must-haves in new automobile lines, and have become a reality thanks to powerful software engines such as the Windows Embedded Automotive platform.

On Oct. 19 and 20 at SAE Convergence Conference and Exhibition in Detroit, automotive industry’s leaders and visionaries will gather to discuss the latest and greatest in in-car connectivity and technologies. Several hot-button industry issues are on the discussion docket, including what consumers can expect from their in-car entertainment experience in the new decade.

Kevin Dallas, general manager of Microsoft Windows Embedded, will play a key role as the industry discusses the future of in-car technology. On Oct. 19 he will moderate a panel of executives from Kia Motors, Sprint Nextel and OnStar, to name a few, who will talk about opportunities and challenges the industry faces when bringing new technology offerings to vehicles. Discussion points will include the impact of the cloud on software development and insights into how auto leaders are addressing some of the industry’s biggest challenges.

Windows Embedded will be showing off the latest automotive technology solutions at the SAE Convergence Conference.

That’s not all from Dallas. On Oct. 20 he’ll again join industry leaders to give a keynote address over dinner at the SAE Convergence Banquet. During the address, he will share the latest details on Windows Embedded Automotive and discuss Microsoft’s commitment to fostering innovation in the auto space through its strong collaboration with its partners.

Mukund Ghangurde, director of product management for Microsoft Windows Embedded, will also be in on the action by leading a series of technical papers presented by industry experts on the theme of “Smart Mobility is Connected.”

While we’d love to share more details with you on Microsoft’s news at the show, we’re sworn to secrecy for the time being. However, we can tell you to be on the lookout for some news from Windows Embedded at the show that is slated to change the way we use technology to be more connected.

For additional updates leading up to, during and after the SAE Convergence Conference and Exhibition, be sure to keep checking back to the Windows Embedded News Center. Also, if you’re attending the event, let us know by reaching out to us on the @msftweb Twitter handle.

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