Partner Spotlight: Terra Nova Telecom

REDMOND, Wash. — Oct. 7, 2010 —
Terra Nova Telecom Co. Ltd., a Windows Embedded Silver Partner, delivers unique state-of-the-art communication in managed WAN, remote and mobile computing, and intelligent digital signage. Terra Nova provides over 500 large-to-medium and small enterprises with turnkey solutions using Windows Embedded platforms to support the software development of products we interact with daily, including kiosks, networked media devices and PDAs. Terra Nova serves medical/healthcare, retail/hospitality, education and telecommunications markets and continues to provide a broad range of services and cost-efficient solutions for its customers.

Recently, the company has worked with businesses such as Amway, Citibank and Mercedes-Benz to assist with the construction of interactive displays and digital signage platforms. With the Windows Embedded platform, Terra Nova was able to deliver top-notch software support to help these companies develop their platforms and ultimately deliver them to the market.

Terra Nova provides expertise via a three-step approach: Providing the solution, project implementation and after-sales service. Its award-winning Media4Display intelligent digital signage platform based on Windows Embedded technology is an example of a solution used by retail and hospitality customers. Aimed to increase business’ effectiveness, Media4Display powered by the Windows Embedded platform is capable of adapting to a variety of environments including point of sale, retailing or office space. With features such as centralized support, 3G connectivity, a secure and optimized communications system, and remote monitoring, Media4Display quickly earned a hot-seat within the digital signage market and earned Gold at the POPAI Awards in Europe earlier this past summer.

In the company’s experience working with remote computing and terminal production, Terra Nova identified early on that an embedded operating system was the way to go to meet customer needs for a simple, easy and cost-effective solution for application development. To find the right answer, the company turned to Windows Embedded. With a small footprint, numerous customization opportunities for developers and OEMs, and easy application development and maintenance, Windows Embedded proved to be a great match for Terra Nova. With the high rate of technology evolution in the past decade, Terra Nova has become a leader in its industry by anticipating the needs of customers both today and into the future — ahead of these groundbreaking developments.

One of the upcoming projects of interest Terra Nova will be working on involves collaboration with China Rail Transit for a mobile applications solution. Although the project is still in its early stages, Terra Nova will be assisting the customer with developing a high-tech, secure mobile application with an extended life cycle. Check out the company’s news page for the latest developments.

To find out more about Terra Nova Telecom, visit its partner profile on This year also marks the 10th anniversary of the partner program, and we will continue our series with a new spotlight next week. Stay tuned!

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