Hey, Taxi! How Better Communication Gets You Where You Need to Be

REDMOND, Wash. — Oct. 27, 2010 — It’s pretty amazing how much forms of communication have changed over the years — with voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), tweets, text messages, wall posts and video chat, we have more ways than ever to stay connected.

However, there are other forms of communication that are happening every day that help businesses connect and provide a great experience for their customers. Windows Embedded Server often works behind the scenes to make situations like this happen.

A great example of a type of communication that makes our lives much easier, especially those of us working in busy metropolitan areas, is when taxis or car services coordinate over their radio to get to you as soon as possible.

System Origin, a Japanese software company specializing in applications for the taxi industry, partnered with Ryoyo Electro Corp. and created the Super Taxi System to help drivers get to their destination as soon as possible. One aspect of this is a customer telephone integration (CTI)/customer management software called Telehai.

Telehai is a product designed to control hardware such as telephone or radio frequency for taxis. Its software controls CTI and automotive vehicle monitoring (AVM), while enhancing efficiency and quality from the moment a call is received to when the dispatch order is sent. System Origin has to ensure that they were utilizing a platform that would work with this existing application.

Takehide Kato, executive director, System Origin explains, “Because we knew there would be complete compatibility between our solution and the embedded operating system, we did not need to modify the applications. By adopting the latest hardware and operating systems from Microsoft, we can concentrate on the development and distribution of the applications — this is the basic philosophy of our company.”

Windows Embedded Server is built into all these CTI terminals, which search the customer database based on the caller’s phone number, and provides location to the dispatch operator with destination history. When a call comes in from a new customer with no record in the database, the operator can check the road map based on the destination address, and the dispatch order can be sent to the taxi driver.

As a result of its expertise, nearly 900 taxi companies out of 7,000 nationwide have adopted System Origin’s products.

Looking to read more about how System Origin utilizes Windows Embedded Server for its Super Taxi System? Be sure to check out the case study.

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