Partner Excellence and Distributor of the Year Award Winners Announced

REDMOND, Wash. — Nov. 8, 2010 — From their work with medical devices and automation systems to consumer-facing devices, Microsoft’s partners around the world are delivering creative problem-solving software, device solutions and unique experiences using Windows Embedded’s portfolio of platforms and technologies. To honor our partners’ great work, the Windows Embedded team is pleased to announce that select partners have been chosen as winners of the Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Excellence and Distributor of the Year Awards for 2010.

Winners of the Windows Embedded Partner Excellence Award were chosen based on specific criteria that determined which partners made the most notable impact on the Windows Embedded ecosystem. Winners across the globe exhibited outstanding characteristics that set them apart from other companies across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Each Excellence Award Winner stood out in the Windows Embedded ecosystem in one or more of the following ways: contributing technical excellence, helping customers decrease time to market, creating breakthrough innovations using embedded technology, being a Windows Embedded technology advocate, helping customers create integrated solutions, or exhibiting community leadership.

Partners receiving the Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Excellence Award include the following:

The Americas


Adeneo was the first company to work with Microsoft on Joint Development and Microsoft Access programs, gaining skills on pre-release versions of Windows Embedded CE and Windows Embedded Standard 7 to immediately work with OEMs, and proactively looking for architectural guidance, training and development services. With its excellence in Silverlight for Embedded, it was also among the first partners in the United States to provide demos to promote the technology. This award recognizes its proactive technical excellence.

InHand Electronics, Inc.

InHand Electronics, Inc., recently worked on a development project, funded by the Gates Foundation, to help eliminate HPV infections in third-world countries. During this project it was faced with the challenge of creating a handheld HPV testing device that could be used by nonmedical personnel (often just a few village women were subsequently trained to deliver the tests). InHand was able to quickly develop this system, including the enclosure, electronics and application, and get the customer into the approval cycle so that more lives could be saved, faster. This award recognizes its contribution to innovations in embedded technology.


IntervalZero, using Windows Embedded products including Windows Embedded Server, has consistently guided customers toward integrated embedded solutions using the x86 platform (both client and embedded) with its Soft-Control Architecture RTX 2009 SMP-enabled product. It excels at Industrial Automation and Medical Systems verticals, where adhering to hard real-time systems is a requirement. This award recognizes its success creating and promoting integrated embedded solutions.


Phytec, through use of its System on a Module(SoM), was able to cut more than six months off its partners’ development project. It was also able to provide BSP integration work with i.MX31 processors and provide base systems integration services to the customers, which had no in-house engineering skills. This award recognizes its leadership in decreasing customers’ time to market.


MPC Data invested its own capitol on a project with Texas Instruments to provide a Beagleboard that previously only supported Linux. It made a bet that the availability of this very low-cost “starter kit” could be used and sold widely for developers that are just starting to dip their toes in Windows Embedded CE development. This award recognizes its advocacy of embedded technologies.

Texas Instruments


MPC Data

, in collaboration

MPC Data’s partnership with Texas Instruments on the Beagleboard has enabled a low-cost environment for the enterprise. Both Texas Instruments and MPC Data presented at ESC Boston, and ran the Build Your Own Embedded System sessions, which are now available for Microsoft to provide broadly. This award recognizes their collaboration and leadership in the embedded developer community.



Located in China, Strong Union is a leader in enterprise technologies, with a focus on advanced financial services based on Windows Embedded Standard 7. Strong Union utilizes security features, and its technology is now being implemented in some of the top banks in China, making a big difference in technology adoption for embedded devices. This award recognizes its early adoption and technical excellence.


Techware has invested over 10 years in Windows Embedded CE and is consistently looking for new ways to integrate Windows Embedded technologies into competing scenarios. In the past year, it has been successful bringing Windows Embedded into several prominent design-wins worldwide especially in high-end consumer device categories. This award recognizes its advocacy of embedded technologies.


Yokogawa helps developers to improve the quality of their customers’ embedded systems. Focused on its IEC/Debugger tool set, its product and services aid in the debugging of Windows Embedded CE-based devices. Yokogawa’s software provides world-class testing and logging tools with the ability to reach a large number of Japanese customers in various industries. This award recognizes its innovative embedded technologies.



Adeneo is consistently able to reduce time to market for its customers and partners. It does this by investing deeply across the board including demos, BSPs, business development, and marketing to reduce time to market for Windows Embedded solutions. This award recognizes its success in decreasing customers’ time to market.


Beckhoff has continuously developed and launched new equipment and solutions based on Windows Embedded and has long-standing experience and advanced technologies in the embedded segment. In addition to driving innovation in the industry, it has an ongoing commitment to community and academia — enabling the next generation of innovators. This award recognizes its leadership in the embedded developer community.


Imtech is a technical automation company that develops software for complex and demanding technical challenges. Its engineers work with a variety of Windows Embedded products to tackle some of their most challenging problems. Imtech was highlighted for an embedded hospital system integrating multiple Windows Embedded technologies. This award recognizes its leadership in creating integrated embedded solutions.



, in collaboration

The partnership between Intervalzero and Direct Insight combines innovation and vision to work toward utilizing Windows Embedded products in a new way. Together they are working to address a fairly new market: digital audio and music for Windows Embedded. This award recognizes their collaborative contribution to innovations in embedded technology.


MCP Data focused on developing BSPs for two high-volume low-cost community boards, the BeagleBoard and HawkBoard, previously only available with Linux. They have advocated consistently and convincingly for Windows Embedded CE by building production-ready BSPs and making them available to the community, bringing in 169 new CE projects, and developing a prototype BSP on the pre-release Windows Embedded Compact 7. This award recognizes its advocacy of embedded technologies.


Theoris is a full lifecycle IT professional services and softwarefirm, and a strong training partner and Windows Embedded

advocate that is consistently noted by its customers and partners for its technical expertise, helping to solve challenging technical problems across a variety of clients and projects. This award recognizes its technical excellence in the embedded space.

Windows Embedded also recognized distributors that were most effective in their markets with the Distributor of the Year Award. Five companies were given this prestigious honor: UNIDUX., Tokyo Electron Device LTD., MDS Technology Co. Ltd. and Synnex Technology International Corp. in Asia, and AVNET Europe in Europe.

Earlier this year the Windows Embedded team honored high-impact OEM partners with the Windows Embedded OEM Partner Excellence Award. Partners receiving this recognition include Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, NCR Corp., NEC, Siemens and Wincor Nixdorf.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners! Microsoft looks forward to working with all its partners to continually develop and improve consumer devices built with Windows Embedded Products.

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