Driving Connectivity for Manufacturing at Europe’s Largest Industrial Automation Show

NUREMBERG, Germany — Nov. 19, 2010 —

The manufacturing and industrial automation industry is rapidly changing, with the continued growth of connected devices and the fundamental shift to cloud computing delivering a wealth of opportunities for manufacturers and device makers alike. According to  industry analyst firm VDC Research Group,  embedded and real-time operating system shipments in industrial automation are forecast to grow at a CAGR of 8 percent from 2009 to 2012 (VDC Research Group 2010 Embedded Software & Tools Market Intelligence Service, Volume 1: Embedded/Real-time Operating Systems).

Windows Embedded technology is at the heart of industrial automation by providing a flexible and customizable platform. These industrial devices deliver a rich, easy-to-use experience at the front end, while supporting a seamless connectivity between the plant floor and IT datacenter. This provides manufacturers with the real-time business intelligence needed to make informed, strategic decisions and ensure productivity and efficiency across the business.

Cloud computing enables additional exciting prospects by utilizing the Windows Embedded portfolio of platforms and technologies to extract the most from the network. Simply put, connecting the factory line to the cloud will reinvigorate the way the industry does business. By utilizing and making cloud services a fundamental part of their business strategy, manufacturers will be able to improve productivity and transform their business to be in a position to more quickly scale and adapt to constantly changing demands, such as the requirement for improved energy efficiency.

This year, Windows Embedded will be presenting a range of the latest innovative devices and solutions built on the Windows Embedded portfolio of platforms and technologies, demonstrating efficiencies in production, cost reduction and development support across the business. These have been created in collaboration with our partners Siemens, Beckhoff, Sitek, IntervalZero and Online Development Inc., which will be showcasing their latest products and proof of concepts demonstrations in the Windows Embedded booth.

The Windows Embedded booth will be located in Hall 7A – 150. These are the partner demos:

  • Siemens IPL V.3. Using Siemens industrial automation products running Windows Embedded operating systems, this state-of-the-art Innovative Production Line proof of concept transforms industrial automation with end-to-end enterprise connectivity from sensors and servers to services. The Innovative Production Line is powered by the Windows 7-based Windows Embedded Standard 7.

  • Beckhoff. This pick-and-place robot runs on Windows Embedded Standard 7.

  • Sitek Touchscreen HMI panel. The HMI eTOP504 and 507, and the HMI Engine A1100-F, all run on Windows Embedded technologies.

  • IntervalZero Motion Control. The SMP-enabled RTX real-time plug-in for Windows operating systems, including Windows Embedded Standard 7, is a key component in innovative Soft-Control Architectures that streamline and simplify development of complex embedded systems.

  • Online Development Inc. — OLDI eATM® tManager®. The latest factory automation products are running Windows Embedded Standard 7 on an Atom processor providing high performance with low power consumption.

Stay tuned for more news from the Windows Embedded team at SPS/IPC/DRIVES, and follow us on Twitter for real-time updates live from the show. More information on solutions for industrial manufacturing sectors is available by visiting Windows Embedded’s industrial solutions website.

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