Windows Embedded Reaffirms Commitment to the China Embedded Industry

Beijing ― Dec. 30, 2010 ― China is entering the fourth stage of the Internet with specialized devices becoming inherently connected. Industry analysts at VDC Research forecast that more than 10 billion connected devices will ship by 2015 globally.* As such, it becomes even more critical for Chinese OEMs to collaborate to capitalize on this opportunity.

At the inaugural Microsoft Windows Embedded China Strategic Summit, Microsoft and its partners formed a Strategic Alliance to support long-term growth of the embedded industry in China. The summit brought together more than 40 Chinese OEMs and partners as a show of commitment to sustainable industry growth.

Formed in November 2010, the Strategic Alliance will work to improve collaboration, foster innovation, drive healthy competition and promote genuine software in China. The Strategic Alliance consists of leading thin-client OEMs including Centerm and Start, ATM OEMs such as GRG Banking, industrial PC OEMs such as Advantech and EVOC, point of sale (POS) OEMs such as Hisense, consumer electronics OEMs such as HanWang and Yulong, and software solution providers such as Neusoft.

“It’s more important than ever for Chinese OEMs to collaborate to fuel this opportunity for the embedded devices industry,” said John Boladian, marketing director, Windows Embedded, Asia Pacific & Greater China, Microsoft. “We recognize the complex market needs in the booming Chinese market and believe that the industry must work together to build a strong and stable ecosystem.”

Through the Strategic Alliance, Microsoft, Windows Embedded and the partners will support the following:

  • Collaboration. Microsoft continues to foster a strong ecosystem within the embedded industry. To successfully harness the opportunity in China, it will be critical for the Windows Embedded business to have a comprehensive understanding of its partners’ evolving needs in China.

  • Innovation. Microsoft and its industry partners will drive innovation to provide solutions that help organizations thrive in today’s competitive global marketplace. Technology is a powerful engine of economic growth and competitiveness. By enabling innovation, technology can help create new companies, industries, opportunities and jobs. In addition to its societal benefits, technology-led innovation is a fundamental driver of Microsoft business.

  • Healthy competition and consumer choice. Microsoft believes that consumers should have the freedom to use whatever technologies best meet their needs. Microsoft and other companies are working together to make sure that devices and software from different companies can function better together, and that people can access and move their data no matter where they are created and stored. Industry alliances can promote user choice by supporting industry-led efforts to promote interoperability among products from different vendors and to ensure that users have access to their data across various online products and services.

  • Genuine software. Microsoft and its partners will promote genuine software, which gives users full capabilities, access to all the latest updates and confidence to develop embedded devices. Microsoft and its partners will continue to invest in education, technology innovation and assistance to law enforcement. Genuine software is part of Microsoft’s commitment to help protect its intellectual property and to help users effectively avoid risks.

“We are pleased to participate in this summit and join hands with Microsoft in the hopes of creating a longstanding future for the industry ecosystem,” said Wang Jianbo, vice general manager of Hisense Intelligent Commercial Equipment.

“We have always been committed to drive technological innovation with Windows Embedded for the financial devices and solutions industry,” said Yu Xiaojun, general manager of Strong Union Technology. “We see this as an opportunity to be pioneers among our industry and to help partners like Microsoft drive industry innovation.”

* “Server Appliances: A Package Deal,” VDC Research, October 2010

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