Microsoft and Digital Signage Provider STRATACACHE Help Customers Get the Goods

REDMOND, Wash. — Feb. 8, 2011 — Today, when you walk into a large retail store or a quick service restaurant, you’ll notice things are much more intuitive than they used to be. You might see a digital signage display that can recognize your gender, estimate your age, and then make recommendations on items that might be of interest to you. That’s where STRATACACHE, a leader in digital signage technologies, recently stepped in to offer a new solution, the SPECTRA S-200 Series 2 Media Player. Built on the Windows Embedded Standard 2009 platform, the technology enables retailers to increase sales by providing customized purchasing recommendations for consumers at the time when they are most primed to buy.


The media player provides a high-quality visual experience, allowing retailers to quickly and effectively customize digital signage for a superior in-store experience.

“Consumer actions are impacted by digital signage,” said Chris Riegel, founder and CEO of STRATACACHE. “It’s simple: A high-quality picture and motion graphic of a premium product at the point of selection showing its features and benefits entice a consumer to select it versus another product.”

The media player uses Windows Embedded Standard 2009, a user-friendly platform for professionals already familiar with Windows, which allowed STRATACACHE to lower costs associated with learning and implementing a new system. The ability to integrate with other in-store Windows devices is another reason STRATACACHE chose Windows Embedded technology.

“We needed a partner that we were confident could offer continuous security and reliability, as the digital signage STRATACACHE provides is on 24×7. The Windows Embedded OS has given us extensive benefits through its high-performance dependability and availability,” Riegel said. “We look forward to growing our business with Windows Embedded Standard 7, which has many compelling features for digital signage, such as advanced graphics overlay and blending capabilities.”

For more information on STRATACACHE’s partnership with Windows Embedded, check out the Microsoft Case Study, Retailers Save Millions in Energy Costs with STRATACACHE ActiVia Digital Signage, and follow it on Twitter @STRATACACHE.

In January at NRF, Windows Embedded highlighted the latest innovations in digital signage with Windows Embedded Standard 7. To keep up to date with the latest developments from the Windows Embedded team and its partners, check out the Windows Embedded News Center and follow us on Twitter at @MSFTWEB.

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