Onward! 75 First-Round Finalists Advance to Round Two of embeddedSPARK 2011 Challenge

REDMOND, Wash. — Feb. 10, 2011 — Just a few days ago, 75 lucky participants were selected to advance to round two of this winter’s embeddedSPARK 2011 Challenge. The announcement was posted to the embeddedSPARK 2011 Challenge Forum, and our very own Technical Evangelist Olivier Bloch ran a post on his embedded blog pointing readers to the winning participants.

As previously discussed, round two, which ends on May 1, will offer remaining participants an opportunity to put their embedded skills to use by building an actual prototype of their project (along with a four- to eight-page paper and three-minute video detailing the solution). embeddedSPARK kits are now shipping to participants, allowing them to bring their vision to life.

Interested in checking out the projects that are creating the most buzz? Visit the submissions gallery to see how device proposals such as the “Davinci NXG2 – Casino Gaming platform” (currently most viewed) and the “Embedded Device Creating a Foot Map for Diabetic Patients” (currently highest rated) are creating waves. Make sure to leave your own comments for the proposals you find the most interesting! With 12 forums playing host to more than 350 topics, there certainly is plenty to talk about.

As we’ve seen in past embeddedSPARK challenges, the tide can quickly turn in a matter of minutes. With just about 80 days remaining before round two concludes, you will certainly want to stay near the excitement by following @msftweb on Twitter and bookmarking The Windows Embedded News Centerfor an all-access pass!

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