Partner Spotlight: IntervalZero

REDMOND, Wash. — Feb. 22, 2011 — IntervalZero’s Windows Embedded Gold Partner status is predicated on a multifaceted relationship with Microsoft Corp. that dates back to the early 1980s. The company, previously known as VenturCom, was a long-time Microsoft OEM Distributor of Software Products for Embedded Systems, and today its RTX real-time software extension for Windows Embedded is a key component of a real-time platform for Windows-based Soft-Control Architectures.

IntervalZero has been and continues to be an enormous supporter of Windows Embedded software, collaborating with many of Microsoft’s channel partners in EMEA and APAC to produce embedded real-time systems. The company focuses on the replacement of dedicated hardware such as DSPs and FPGAs with software solutions in diverse target markets such as industrial automation, digital media, medical systems, and test and measurement. IntervalZero works with market-leading companies, such as German-based electrical engineering company Siemens, and MPI Corp., a leading manufacturer and distributor of chip probe cards and chip probers, based out of Taiwan.

IntervalZero has collaborated with a multitude of notable organizations, leading the company to receive back-to-back (2009 and 2010) Excellence Awards for independent software vendor. In addition, the company has a list of global customers that includes the following:

  • Nine of the top 10 aerospace and defense companies

  • One of the top two industrial programmable logic controller manufacturers

  • Seven of the top 10 medical device manufacturers

  • Five of the top 15 auto manufacturers

  • One of the top 5 test and measurement companies

  • Three of the top 10 industrial control suppliers

  • Two top full-flight simulation companies

  • Two of the top digital mixing console companies

  • Three of the top 10 semiconductor equipment makers

  • More than 20 top machine tool manufacturers

In January, IntervalZero released RTX 2011, which supports Windows Embedded Standard 7 and also includes support for symmetric multiprocessing on up to 32 cores. In environments such as industrial automation and medical systems that require hard real-time performance and a demand for the sophisticated user experience that Windows delivers, the RTX product shortens time to market and is fully interoperable with other third-party installations, transforming business economics. The company has recently seen increased adoption of the Windows/RTX SMP solution in the digital music mixing realm, where OEMs are able to achieve breakthroughs in throughput, yields and production quality, and do so in a more compact physical footprint.

RTX 2011 provides support for systems with up to 32 processors, more than quadrupling the number of processors supported in the previous RTX version.

RTX has an array of runtime features that promotes end-to-end support for multiple processors, which in turn can reduce the production cost of the computing platform, reduce operational costs for production, shorten cycle time for bringing new generations of products to market, and increase market share by opening new opportunities via greater accessibility and profitability.

Currently, IntervalZero is involved in over 600 active customer projects worldwide and has amassed over 1 million units of deployed product. The company’s RTX software supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Embedded Standard 7 and continues to explore opportunities that support world-class user interfaces, immersive multitouch experiences and solutions that foster an overall friendlier, more intuitive developer environment.

To see some of IntervalZero’s other customer success stories, including its work with companies such as ISAC, Raytheon, Pitney Bowes and Merging Technologies, visit the RTX information page for access to these and other useful downloads.

To find more information about other Microsoft Windows Embedded experts, check out the Windows Embedded partners page. Here you will have access to all Windows Embedded Partners and can search by device, partner type, country or expertise. Stay tuned next month for the continuation of the Partner Spotlight Series.

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