Partner Spotlight: BSQUARE

REDMOND, Wash. — May 3, 2011 — Embedded technology has been, and continues to be, a rapidly evolving industry, and it comes as no surprise to see a company such as BSQUARE providing quality services to embedded device manufacturers year after year. BSQUARE is a Windows Embedded Gold Partner, as well as a recipient of the 2008 WE Americas Excellence Award in the Systems Integrator category and the 2009 Enterprise Partner of the Year (Americas). The company has had a strong business relationship with Microsoft, which dates back to the mid-1990s when BSQUARE was first established.

As a member of the vast Windows Embedded Partner ecosystem, BSQUARE provides services to embedded channel customers around the world, offering solutions targeted for a wide range of industry verticals, such as automotive, consumer electronics, medical, military, industrial and mobile. Although the company’s beginnings with Windows Embedded focused on the early versions of the Windows Embedded CE software platform, the expansion of the industry has offered opportunities for BSQUARE products and opportunities that now encompass the full range of the Windows Embedded family of products. Recently, BSQUARE announced a distribution agreement with Microsoft to support the entire family of Windows Embedded platforms with a sales focus on Germany and the United Kingdom. This expansion into EMEA illustrates BSQUARE’s commitment to continue building on the company’s licensing provisions to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and device manufacturers by including widespread consulting, development and integration services, and automated testing solutions to customers across the continent.

To help detail the benefits of Windows Embedded technologies to its customers, BSQUARE engages in a variety of communications techniques that include one-on-one meetings, marketing initiatives and sales readiness programs. These interactions with customers allow for BSQUARE engineers to speak more directly with the manufacturers building these products. They also provide a channel for advice and guidance to be disseminated as it relates to architectural and structural design of the products being developed. Such measures help ensure that customers have access to the entire portfolio of platforms offered by Windows Embedded.

The continued shift in embedded technology and connected or network devices comes with a concern and need for enhanced security. BSQUARE has been on the forefront of this issue, consistently making sure engineers are up to speed with the latest security measures. To meet its customers’ business requirements, BSQUARE takes the necessary steps to augment security, whether for a Windows Embedded POSReady solution or ruggedized mobile device. Understanding the changing landscape of not only the industry but of customer demands has been crucial to BSQUARE’s continued support for embedded device developers. In the company’s 17-year history, it has successfully navigated key industry and technology transitions.

Today, BSQUARE works hand in hand with Microsoft and Windows Embedded to offer products and technologies that foster innovation for embedded device developers. The emergence of silicon technologies such as x86 and ARM have offered compelling future road maps, and, with the proliferation of and cost reductions in wireless technologies, a wealth of opportunities are expected for both BSQUARE and Windows Embedded down the line. With more than 1,000 OEM customers worldwide, BSQUARE believes that this portfolio will grow with Windows Embedded.

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