Specialized Devices Running on Windows Embedded Platforms Help with Summertime Travel

REDMOND, Wash. — May 12, 2011 — It’s that time of year again. People everywhere are gearing up for summer vacations, road trips with friends or maybe even an exotic getaway. And what vacationers may notice this year is that along the way, Windows Embedded-powered devices are there — from airports to gas stations, convenience stores and even your mode of transportation. Whatever the summer plan may be, it’s likely that a device running on Windows Embedded technology is nearby.

Both digital signage displays and easy-to-use kiosks are helping ease the travel process for all airport-goers this summer. Next-generation digital signage found in many of today’s airports can help those hopping on a plane to jet set to a summer adventure. Recently, DT Research, a manufacturer of industrial-grade, high-performance IT equipment, enlisted Windows Embedded to create digital billboards to specifically aide with busy airport travel. The result is the WebDT digital signage system running on Windows Embedded Standard 7, which is providing travelers in Beijing Capital International Airport with information, including flight statuses and details on adverse weather, that may affect flights.

Self-service kiosks, running on Windows Embedded POSReady or Windows Embedded Standard 7 platforms stationed throughout airports also help travelers easily check in to their flights.

If embarking on a cross-country road trip is more preferable, the Nissan LEAF and the Ford SYNC, both equipped with infotainment technology running on the Windows Embedded Automotive platform, provide rich, interactive experiences for drivers. The in-car system helps ensure an easy and entertaining road trip with speech commands, Bluetooth connectivity and quick access to music and maps.

When fueling up the car at gas stations and convenience stores along the way, Windows Embedded is there to help create an efficient refueling rest stop. For example, the Retalix 10 Customer Kioskdevice, running on the Windows Embedded POSReady 7 platform, provides personalized information and services custom-tailored to each retailer’s preference. Additionally, POS devices can incorporate payments, food service and back-office functions, enabling quick and easy transactions and pit stops for employees and travelers, respectively.

Be safe and enjoy all travel plans, adventures and new destinations this summer, and remember to be on the lookout for Windows Embedded technology along the way.

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