Partner Spotlight: ParTech

REDMOND, Wash. — June 22, 2011 — The name says it all: quick-service restaurant, or QSR to those in the industry. When you walk into a QSR looking for lunch or a morning cup of coffee and a pastry, you expect fast service from a team that’s working together seamlessly to deliver exactly what you ordered.

But a truly exceptional QSR experience involves a lot of other aspects of business that you probably never think about. How can the person who serves you anticipate what else you might want today? How does the restaurant provide a consistent experience at all points of customer contact? How can it continually adapt to changing consumer behaviors driven by technology such as mobile devices and social networks?

The PAR EverServ 2000 is the point of sale hardware solution with the smallest footprint in the ParTech portfolio.

Windows Embedded Silver Partner ParTech has more than 30 years of experience designing technology to help restaurants make your QSR dining experience exceptional. Earlier this year ParTech announced the general release of PAR EverServ QSR, its new enterprise point of sale (POS) software solution built on Windows Embedded POSReady 2009. The solution enables QSR operators to transition to a flexible and efficient POS system that not only optimizes customer service today, but provides a foundation for the future.

“Younger customers have different expectations about their QSR experience, influenced by the technology they use every day,” says Mark Bunney, director of strategic alliances at ParTech. “As a result, restaurant operators are thinking about technology differently, and looking at embedded solutions such as self-service touch screens and digital signage to provide the experience that customers want.”

PAR EverServ QSR enables store associates in quick-service restaurants to serve customers faster and more accurately. For example, the software is designed to interact with restaurant associates in the same way that customers typically place their orders. This conversational ordering feature anticipates how someone will verbally place a particular order, so the associate can easily enter the order while the customer is speaking.

In addition, ParTech worked with team of human factor engineers to make the touch-screen interface as efficient as possible. Store associates can place orders using fewer keystrokes, resulting in faster service.

Several ParTech customers are already seeing the benefits of PAR EverServ QSR powered by Windows Embedded. They range in size from 38 Carl’s Jr. restaurant locations in Las Vegas to SIP Coffee’s individual location in San Antonio. Whatever the size of a restaurant chain, PAR EverServ QSR helps make it ready for the future of quick-service dining.

“Using Windows Embedded allows us to deliver the benefits of the entire Microsoft technology stack to our customers,” Bunney says. “It gives us the flexibility to easily modify the solution and interface with other systems that our customers might someday deploy in their restaurants: mobile devices, Web enablement, or something entirely new and different from what we’re seeing today.”

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