Partner Spotlight: Kontron Becomes Windows Embedded Gold Partner

REDMOND, Wash. — Aug. 12, 2011 — Earlier this year during Embedded World 2011, Kontron was recognized as a Windows Embedded Gold Partner after more than a decade of successful business with Microsoft in the area of embedded computing technology. As a provider of value-added services, project consultation and much more, Kontron works closely with its customers to ensure they are getting the most out of their embedded applications. The company fosters and assists with developing a results-driven product that is accelerated to market, conducive to lowering total cost of ownership and proved to be reliable from initial conception to the hands of end users.

Olivier Fontana, director of Worldwide Partner and Field Marketing, Windows Embedded Business, Microsoft (left), and Dirk Finstel, CTO, Kontron AG (right), at Embedded World 2011

Kontron’s services expand far beyond embedded computing consultation and support. The company hones in on specific service areas that enable its customers to focus on core competencies. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Consultancy, design and implementation of software

  • Project-based software package development for industrial communication, human-machine interfaces, and process visualization and control

  • Porting of drivers and middleware

  • Development and support of IP cores (field programmable gate arrays)

  • Porting, adoption and validation of target applications

  • Validation of complete software solution

  • Board support packages (BSPs) for all important operating systems, including all drivers and support of all hardware features

  • Hypervisor and virtualization, validated with different operating systems (if hyperthreading and/or multicore is supported by the CPU)

  • Software tool chain, including common, standardized Embedded API

Working with a wide range of platforms within the Windows Embedded family of products, Kontron has always made it a priority to engage Windows Embedded during the community technology preview phase, ensuring that pre-validated and mature solutions, along with BSPs, are delivered to its customers in a timely fashion. This in turn helps Kontron’s customers and developers incorporate sophisticated embedded solutions within their products quickly without sacrificing quality.

Kontron has worked with global players across the map to develop embedded solutions that undergo rigorous software testing and validation processes. Platforms including Windows Embedded Compact 7 (and previously Windows Embedded CE), Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded Standard 7 (and previous versions), Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 and Windows Embedded Server are among the operating systems that Kontron utilizes.

Specific to Kontron’s work in embedded computing is its Global Software Center, which offers a multitude of advantages to its customer base. A major proof point to the service is Kontron’s work to help customers migrate from single-core to multicore platforms for all important operating systems. In addition, project consultancy and a strong commitment to extend outsourcing capabilities beyond the hardware level nicely position Kontron for providing quality assurance and software service for its customer base.

Coupled with its inclusion in the Windows Embedded Partner Program, Kontron receives early access to future software solutions and trends for inclusion in the latest devices being brought to market. Streamlining support during customer product development has helped make Kontron one of the leading providers of embedded computing technology, and the company is eager to continue its longstanding business relationship with Windows Embedded as new technologies emerge in an ever-changing landscape.

Visit the Windows Embedded Partner Program home page for access to an index of Gold and Silver Partners, as well as information detailing how you can apply for the program or request support from any of the more than 700 existing companies currently enrolled.

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