A Modern Agency: Built by Design

Dave Wolf, Vice President of Strategy, Cynergy

Traditionally, software was designed by programmers in a way that would only make sense to users that were programmers themselves. The Web had the same beginnings. In an office at CERN, the Web was designed by research scientists in such a way that made perfect sense when its users were all scientists. As both software in general and the Web itself have reached the public over the last decades, a renaissance of sorts has blossomed. The number of screens in our lives has multiplied, and software has become pervasive in our daily life.

As software providers look to make their applications relevant in this vast, new, screen-driven world, one realization has become the foundation of the renaissance: people are important. Connecting with people is paramount. One size no longer fits all, and now in order to attract, engage and immerse people, we need to create the right software experiences, for the right people, on the right devices.

All of this has created what we see as the Modern Web. The Modern Web is the right combination of technologies, that deliver the right experience, to the right user, no matter where they are, and no matter what screen they are using. More than that, the Modern Web is a belief. It’s a belief in the idea that people, more than bits and bytes and code, really matter. It’s a belief that software should engage and immerse people. And it’s a commitment to design software for people, not other programmers, taking into account their flaws, emotions, needs and desires. These needs have been the seed that brought about the latest player in the world of software, the Modern Agency.

The Modern Web is burgeoning today. Not just in the world of browsers and handheld devices like tablets and phones, but right into the PC’s we use throughout our day. The logical evolution is to shed the notion of creating mundane experiences that will run on any device. Instead, create the right experience, optimized for the right device, and designed to engage and immerse the right person. Optimization is not making sure the experience merely functions, but instead that it leverages the hardware to ensure it can amaze and immerse the users. The real magic happens when innovation becomes an expectation.

At Cynergy we’re a new and unique kind of Agency. One full of passionate, driven and curious folks who love solving tough problems and building incredible software. We’re a Technology Agency that brings together some of the best software engineering teams you’ll find anywhere, working side-by-side with an amazing group of award-winning software product designers. Together, their passion is to take great ideas and transform them into rich, engaging and immersive experiences. And for fifteen years, that’s exactly what we’ve done for companies around the world.

Dave Wolf is vice president of strategy for


, a technology agency that designs and developments Rich Internet Applications for a variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, and government markets.

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