New Fashion-Forward PC Models Strut Their Stuff

NEW YORK — Feb. 9, 2012 — Each year, designers, buyers, supermodels, celebrities and paparazzi from around the world converge for the annual Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. Throughout the weeklong celebration, the city bustles with designers and fashionistas who hop from party to party and crowd the catwalks for a glimpse of next fall’s biggest fashions.

This year, thin is in for the technology world too, as manufacturers are producing more stylish, fashion-forward PCs that are light in the chassis and offer a range of unique color options. For a dash of bling, consumers can add hip new tech accessories such as Microsoft designer mice and laptop bags for the chic and trendy techie.

Of course, where trends and technology meet, form also meets function, and perhaps the most beautiful thing about these PCs is what’s under the hood — the latest in flash memory drives, supercharged processors from AMD and Intel, and crystal-clear displays.

If you’re into technology and fashion, you’ll want to see what we’re talking about, so whenever you’re ready, turn down the lights, turn up the music and click on the slideshow below for our 2012 fashion show.

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