Empowering the Dynamic Workforce

HOUSTON — March 19, 2012 — Technology has changed a lot of things in business, but one thing remains true — people make the biggest difference when it comes to assessing a company’s success. Putting the right person in the right place with the right tools remains the best way for a company of any size to stay competitive.

This week at the Convergence 2012 conference in Houston, Microsoft is sharing the evolution of its vision for business software: designing Microsoft Dynamics business solutions to focus on helping companies create a more empowered workforce, one individual at a time.

New versions of Microsoft Dynamics applications will work seamlessly across more systems and devices and will provide access to more data in more locations than ever before. New social functionality can help people tackle challenges right in the context of the application. Integration with the cloud is also providing a new dimension to give organizations great flexibility in designing a system that works to answer their unique needs.

It’s a strategy that builds on Microsoft Dynamics’ long history of unleashing the power of information for individuals and companies, no matter what the organization’s size. Check out the slide show below for some examples of how Microsoft Dynamics helps customers get to the heart of what really makes an organization successful: empowering its people to make an impact every day.

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