White Devices Make a Summertime Splash

REDMOND, Wash. — July 26, 2012 — For those of us who were operating in high society at the turn of the last century, showing your summer whites after Labor Day was considered a grand fashion faux pas, enough to get you uninvited from your neighbor’s next soiree.

Fortunately, forward-thinking fashionistas such as Coco Chanel began turning the tide as early as the 1920s, and liberating the color white from its summertime stereotype.

To honor this historical fashion debate, here’s a slideshow of Windows PCs, Windows Phones, Xbox and peripherals that aren’t ashamed to show their brilliant white in any season. From the latest Sony Vaio E and the Samsung Focus to the classic white Xbox 360, these devices will look just as fashionable under the Christmas tree as they do on a sunny summer day, next to a cold glass of chardonnay.

(But just to be safe, we’re publishing the slideshow now — directly between Easter and Labor Day.)

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