Yammer Integrates With Multiple Security Partners and Adopts EDRM Standard for Data Export


Oct. 29, 2012
Yammer, Inc., a best-in-class Enterprise Social Network and part of the Microsoft Office Division, today announced integrations with three leading security and compliance providers, expanding the product’s e-discovery, data archiving and single sign-on offerings.

New security integration partners include the following:

  • Okta. The on-demand identity and access management service allows companies to control user access to all cloud and on-premises enterprise applications. Customers can now harness Okta to seamlessly provision and de-provision users from Yammer.

  • Smarsh. The software-as-a-service-based message archiving and compliance service captures nearly all Yammer communications, enabling customers to preserve, search, supervise and produce data for e-discovery needs.

  • Symantec. Yammer integrates with Symantec’s Clearwell eDiscovery Platform. Administrators are now able to export Yammer data directly into Clearwell, where data collected from other enterprise systems is aggregated for ease of discovery.

“Security has always been of paramount importance at Yammer. Our mission is to maintain the safety of company information and to have advanced security controls in place over every user, application and system,” said Josha Bronson, director of Security Engineering, Yammer. “We are excited to partner with these companies to provide our customers with more compliance options based on the tools they already use.”

EDRM Standard

In addition to new security integration partners, Yammer today announced adoption of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), aligning with the industry standard for providing security in electronic discovery products and services. Yammer’s .csv data export files can now be automatically converted to the specific .xml format required to meet EDRM guidelines.

“Data retention and eDiscovery are critical security components for businesses that need to meet legal and business data archival requirements,” said Tim Rains, director, Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft Corp. “As a member of EDRM, we use the EDRM XML standard for eDiscovery exports from SharePoint 2013, Exchange 2013 and Lync 2013 and are pleased that the standard has been adopted across Yammer, part of the Microsoft Office Division.”

More information about Yammer’s security features is available at https://www.yammer.com/it/security.

About Yammer

Yammer (www.yammer.com) is a best-in-class Enterprise Social Network used by more than 200,000 organizations worldwide — including 85 percent of the Fortune 500 — to foster team collaboration, empower employees, drive business agility and socialize their intranets. Yammer’s freemium business model lets customers see the value of Yammer before upgrading to the premium offering. Founded in 2008, Yammer is now part of the Microsoft Office Division.

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