Computer Love: 5 Swoon-Worthy Apps for Valentine’s Day

REDMOND, Wash. – Jan. 31, 2013 — Love. As it turns out, one Microsoft employee had an app for that.

For more than a year, Kevin Reynolds was stuck in the “just friends zone” with Christine Amundsen, the girl of his dreams. But rather than being discouraged, Reynolds, a Microsoft software design engineer in test (SDET), decided to be the most thoughtful, charming, and considerate “just friend” ever.

To make a long and romantic story short and sweet, Reynolds kept up his Colorado River-like persistence, and the two “just friends” eventually found themselves in a Grand Canyon of love. A year ago on Valentine’s Day, Reynolds created a Windows Phone 8 app to propose marriage. They were married in September, and this Valentine’s Day, they’ll celebrate the one-year anniversary of the day she said yes to the app by taking a cooking class together.

“Those of us that are passionate about technology – it’s OK to express it,” Reynolds said. “Think of any great painter, or those great romantic singers. If technology is your passion, use that in your romance. Bring those two loves together.”

Using an app to propose – or even just to plan a great Valentine’s Day for someone you care about – can be a creative way of sharing yourself beyond the cultural norm, Reynolds said, “like flowers.”

Though Reynolds has yet to put his (now tried and true) marriage proposal app on the marketplace, here are some other apps that can help make your Valentine’s Day a success.


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