Lisa Brummel: We Day Seattle 2014

LISA BRUMMEL: Thank you. Right on. Stand up. (Cheers, applause.)

What a phenomenal day. Thank you so much. It is an incredible honor to be able to feel the energy in this room. I’m going to start by making a big, bold statement. I’m going to take a chance, because I think in this room I can take a chance. (Cheers.)

Today, Microsoft and everyone who is a part of We Day are going to become best friends forever. (Cheers, applause.) Hold on. Hold on. We haven’t talked about what it really means to be a BFF, right?

So first it means we’re going to spend time together, because don’t you want to spend time together with your BFF? Of course you do. (Cheers.) So, as Craig said, we’re a sponsor here. But what you might not know is, we’re going to be a sponsor here for the next three years. (Cheers, applause.) So we’re going to be spending a lot of time together, we BFFs. (Cheers, applause.)

The second thing about being a BFF, you care about the other person. You invest in them. You talk to them. We’re going to invest in you. We talked about YouthSpark, a program that Microsoft runs to help kids invest in their community. (Cheers, applause.)

You saw the amazing technology in that video, people who couldn’t see can see again. People who couldn’t hear can use technology to hear. People who can’t touch people in other countries can touch them. People can see babies being born and not being there. Technology is amazing. It’s an investment we keep making, and we will continue to make. That doctor, he was using a Kinect. Most of you see that Kinect as a videogame thing. Its technology is much, much more than that.

So from our side of our BFF friendship, we’re going to invest in you, and we’re going to invest in technology to make your dreams become reality. (Cheers, applause.) But the third part is what you’re going to do, and what you’re already doing. BFFs connect  that’s right forever  (cheers, applause)  BFFs share with each other. They have things in common. And what do we have in common, we want to change the world, we want to make an impact, we want to do things that other people don’t think can be done. We have technology and we have passion.

Whether you are Delana (ph), who despite having an incredible course load mentors kids at her school, and then takes that more globally and supports mentoring outside the U.S.; or whether you’re Natasha, who is from our  (audience response)  that was Natasha, whether you’re Natasha, who is from Armenia and was able to see the devastation of an earthquake and turn that into good by supporting causes that put together relief for her area, or whether they put together filtered water bottles for Ethiopia, those are the kind of things you can make happen; or whether you’re the Cedar Crest High School Random Acts of Kindness Club  (cheers, applause)  when you are BFFs, you share things in common.

And what we share is wanting to change the world. We’ll be together. We’ll invest in each other. We’ll share a common purpose, and we’ll be here for a long time. So show me some love my BFFs. (Cheers, applause.)

Thank you.


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