Kinect for Windows and Skype brings urban classroom to rural schoolhouse

Beijing Trainsfer, a Chinese technology company, aims to deliver the quality education found in the country’s cities to its rural locations, where there are more than 600 million residents. This independent software vendor has created a long-distance teaching solution based on two Microsoft technologies: Kinect for Windows and Skype. This application … Read more »

Kinect for Windows games work as therapy for Alzheimer’s disease

Memore is a suite of video games using Kinect for Windows that help improve the quality of life and cognitive function of elderly people who have or are at risk of developing dementia. The gesture-based games incorporate proven therapies based on the brain’s neurons’ ability to grow new connections, with … Read more »

Medical centers use Kinect for Windows to help patients in physical therapy

The tool, called Vera, uses Kinect’s depth-sensing and body-tracking features to track a patient’s performance in prescribed exercises. Created by San Diego-based Reflexion Health, it can also share immediate feedback with patients and therapists. “One of the features I’ve been most impressed with is the system’s ability to capture subtle … Read more »

The Kinect for Windows experience consolidates to a single sensor

Starting Thursday, Microsoft will no longer be producing Kinect for Windows v2 sensors. Over the past several months, the developer community has responded positively to using the Kinect for Xbox One sensor for Kinect for Windows app development, which is functionally identical to the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor. The … Read more »