Microsoft provides Office 365 Education for 3.5 million PGRI members for free

Office 365 supports Indonesia’s education by increasing access to cloud computing

JAKARTA, 4th September, 2015 – Microsoft has partnered with the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) to support Indonesia’s education in a mobile-first, cloud-first era by handing out Office 365 Education to 3.5 million PGRI members and provide comprehensive training on cloud computing technology. The partnership was made official by Microsoft Indonesia Corporate Affairs Director Ruben Hattari and PGRI Chairman Sulistyo at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding during PGRI’s 2015 National Coordinating Meeting (Rakornas) at Hotel Millenium Jakarta which took place between September 4 and September 6, 2015, and was attended by members of the PGRI executive board and PGRI provincial heads from across Indonesia.

Teachers, despite their role as educators, also need to continuously keep up with the advancements of information and communication technology to further develop themselves and their students. Information technology provides advances in scientific knowledge and learning praxis, hence a teacher who advances with technology will inspire the next generation of students to excel further.

“Today, the world is linked together by the advancement of digital technology. Microsoft believes that the Office 365 Education PGRI members will help create interesting, fun, productive, and effective learning processes,” said Microsoft Indonesia Corporate Affairs Director Ruben Hattari.

Microsoft expects to complete the implementation of Office 365 Education for the 3.5 million PGRI members within the next 12 months. Microsoft and PGRI will work hand in hand to ensure the success of the program.

“The partnership between Microsoft and PGRI is part of Microsoft’s continuous commitment in education. In line with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s vision for Microsoft to empower every individual and organization to do more and achieve more,” said Ruben.

The provisions of Office 365 Education for PGRI members include complete features of Office 365 such as e-mail, word processing, data processing, videoconferencing, and more. Microsoft will also provide comprehensive training and technical consultation for PGRI to help raise teachers’ proficiency in information and communication technology, especially as a teaching tool.

PGRI National Chairman Sulistyo said, “Microsoft’s Office 365 Education will certainly help improve teachers’ competence in information and communication technology. We will also begin a nationwide use of the Office 365 Education, starting from Java.” PGRI hopes the collaboration will help bring Indonesia towards an equal access for technology.

As stipulated in the MoU by Microsoft and PGRI, the support for software and training will continue for the next three years, or until June 30, 2018. Microsoft and PGRI both hope to increase the quality of Indonesia’s education with the partnership.


About Microsoft
Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

About PGRI
PGRI is a teachers’ association that was established 100 days after the Republic of Indonesia’s independence, on November 25, 1945. PGRI’s vision is to become a trusted, dynamic, strong, and empowering professional organization. PGRI’s mission is to improve professionalism of teachers and lecturer; provide professional and legal certainty, welfare, work safety, as well as rights to intellectual property; improve the welfare of teachers, lecturers, and professional educators; build relationship with the government, the local government, non-governmental organizations; and to create the best and affordable education for Indonesians.

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