Microsoft study: Parents have greatest impact on online safety for kids

Parents can have the greatest impact on the digital safety of their kids, according to the preliminary results of a new Microsoft global survey that included many Asia Pacific countries.

Nearly one-third (29 percent) of respondents – adults and children – said parents are the most trusted guides for a child’s online activity. And, one in five considered parents to be the most responsible for ensuring the safety of individuals and families online.

The results are from research associated with Microsoft’s work in digital civility, which encourages safer and healthier online interactions among all individuals and communities.

The study “Civility, Safety and Interaction Online — 2017” polled teens ages 13-17 and adults ages 18-74 in 23 countries about 20 online risks. The countries surveyed in our region included: Australia, China, Malaysia, India, Japan, and Vietnam.

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