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NSW Health Pathology

With Azure cloud and AI technology, test results and electronic clinical observations can be uploaded and transmitted automatically to clinicians regardless of the infrastructure available. This approach in Australia could transform the way diagnostic tests are carried out, ensuring patients receive care regardless of where they live.

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Doctor in India

Narayana Health

India’s Narayana Health believes that the key to affordable and high-quality healthcare services is embracing technology. The hospital is leveraging AI to decipher X-Rays to point out any irregularities from a normal X-Ray, helping doctors make more accurate diagnoses in less time.

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Undernutrition is the cause of 3.1 million child deaths globally every year. In Madhya Pradesh, India, 42.8% of children under the age of five are underweight. However, it is difficult for field workers from aid organisations to accurately detect if a child is suffering from malnutrition. Welthungerhilfe developed the Microsoft AI-powered Child Growth Monitor app to help field workers instantly detect malnutrition.

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Airdoc, a start-up in China, has created an AI-driven system that takes and analyzes photographic images of the retina at the back of each eye. Painless and low-cost, its high accuracy rate on finding indications of diseases on retinal images could make preventative healthcare available to millions of people.

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Lifetime Support Authority

Working with Microsoft partner Satalyst and Microsoft’s Cognitive Services bot framework, Lifetime Support Authority in Australia has a pilot underway to steer the treatment, care and support of individuals admitted to hospital with catastrophic injuries.

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Bendigo Health Psychiatric Services

Bendigo Health Psychiatric Services (BHPS) in Australia is tapping into technology to efficiently manage about 1,160 active patients. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps clinicians dictate notes directly into the system via Azure Cognitive services’ speech-to-text input.

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When 365mc hospital group in South Korea hooked up its surgery instruments with motion sensors that connected to AI, the company not only transformed its surgeons’ practice but its business model too. The hospital expects to increase its revenues by over 40%, thanks to AI.

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Apollo Hospital

India carries 20% of the global disease burden and faces an acute shortage of medical staff. AI is helping to combat these challenges at Apollo Hospitals, and expand quality care to more than 300 million Indians.

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Forus Health eyecheck

Forus Health

India’s Forus Health combines AI and Azure IoT in its 3Nethra retinal imaging device to mitigate the lack of skilled technicians and ophthalmologists, and provide insights real-time insights for the early detection and prevention of diabetic retinopathy.

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