Microsoft Czech Republic and Slovakia has a new Chief Operating Officer

As of February 15th, 2022, Adi Morun will be joining Microsoft Czech Republic & Slovakia as the new Chief Operating Officer. In his new role, Morun will lead short & long-term marketing and operations strategy with the goal of enabling Czech & Slovak customers, partners & government institutions to advance cloud-based digital transformation across both markets.  

Adi Morun previously worked as National Azure Director at Microsoft Canada, where he led a team of Azure specialists enabling Enterprise, Government & Mid-Market customers to embrace cloud-based technologies and accelerate their digital transformation. Prior to this, Adi led the Canadian Azure business through its early growth phases, including launching the Microsoft Canadian Datacenters and building the Canadian Data & AI Partner ecosystem. Morun comes with broad experience across Marketing, Operations and Business Development.

His role is essential in the digital age, where the opportunity for the Czech Republic and Slovakia has never been greater – here and now. Accelerating digitization across the private and public sector, especially investment in digital infrastructure and skills, is a key strategy for increasing productivity, innovation & sustainability. Microsoft is helping organizations of all sizes to reimagine traditional businesses and shift local economies from labour-intensive to innovation-based and become one of the most advanced economies in Europe via digitization.

„The impact of digitization on a country’s economy and quality-of-life is profound, and the digital opportunity in Czech Republic & Slovakia is unprecedented. Data shows that digital organizations have higher productivity, increased innovation, create higher-paying jobs & drive positive environmental impact. I look forward to partnering with our customers and partners to help accelerate digital innovation and its impact on economic competitiveness. I am honored to be part of this exciting journey towards a digital future in Czech Republic & Slovakia,” said Morun.

Adi Morun enjoys spending time with his family, reading biographies and playing sports, including football, basketball, and tennis.

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