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Removing barriers to data innovation

Empowering people and organizations to share and use data more effectively

Sharing data can help address some of society’s biggest challenges and help individuals and organizations be more innovative, efficient, and productive. Today, however, it is often difficult to determine how best to share data from both a legal and technical perspective. To help make it easier for individuals and organizations to share data, we’re sharing a set of draft agreements, each designed to address a specific data sharing challenge. We look forward to receiving feedback and taking additional steps to help make it easier for individuals and organizations to share data with confidence.

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Enabling data use through the power of community

For those of you who have been following my posts over the last several months, you will hopefully see the outlines of a multi-pronged effort to bring more attention to the importance of open data and to improve the tools for advancing AI research. Today, I’d like to focus attention on the area of data use and governance.


Getting to Common Terms for Data Sharing

Sharing data between organizations can help address some of society’s biggest challenges. There is no question that working with data in any fashion requires careful consideration of privacy and security risks, but there are clear benefits to be gained when done appropriately.


Backgrounder & FAQ

Graphic linking to PDF of Backgrounder and FAQ

Questions or need additional information? Read more about our perspective on data sharing licensing and governance.


Data Use Agreements

Open Use of Data Agreement (O-UDA)

README | Annotated Agreement | Agreement
Open Use of Data Agreement GitHub repo

Computational Use of Data Agreement (C-UDA)

README | Annotated Agreement | Agreement
Computational Use of Data Agreement GitHub repo

Data Use Agreement for Open AI Model Development (DUA-OAI)

README | Annotated Agreement | Agreement

Data Use Agreement for Data Commons (DUA-DC)

README | Annotated Agreement | Agreement

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Data Sharing Projects

LinkedIn - World Bank Partnership

LinkedIn and the World Bank partnered to build a digital dashboard that visualizes the company’s labor market data for over 100 World Bank member countries

Answer ALS

Answer ALS is the single largest collaborative ALS research project working to build a comprehensive collection of data on people living with the disease in an effort to help researchers discover a cure

Hosting the World’s Leading Environmental Data Sets

In April 2019, Microsoft committed to hosting the world’s leading environmental data sets on Azure to accelerate the work of grantees and researchers around the world

Open Data Initiative with Adobe, Microsoft and SAP

The Open Data Initiative provides a platform for a single, comprehensive view of business data for analysis

Other Resources

Find links to resources that support open data and data sharing.

Licensing, Governance, and Legal Tools

Open Data Repositories

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