Big interest for the Microsoft Cloud Region Switzerland: “The Swiss Microsoft Cloud provides entirely new opportunities in the areas of data management, regulatory compliance and governance.”

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The announcement of the Microsoft Cloud Region Switzerland in March last year, has triggered great interest from companies and organizations small and large in Switzerland as well as from abroad. The commissioning work for the two datacenters is going according to plan. As expected, the first services will be available in the course of this year.

The cloud services including Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 delivered from Switzerland are especially interesting for companies and organizations handling sensitive data, such as the finance or health sector, the public sector, and the robust NGO sector in Switzerland. Microsoft plans to offer enterprise cloud services for businesses, government, and NGOs from datacenter locations in the Zurich region and Geneva region. Microsoft’s global cloud services are based on the principles of security, compliance, protection of privacy, as well as transparency. The option to store data in Switzerland adds a new layer of control and will help companies and institutions comply with regulatory requirements.

Some statements from companies and partner organizations of Microsoft in Switzerland:

“We see a lot of interest in Cloud solutions from across our client base. Microsoft’s Swiss data center will provide new opportunities for these clients, while considering local regulatory compliance requirements and resilience objectives. At PwC, we support clients in their Cloud journey from strategy to execution – realizing true business value.”
– Peter Kasahara, Partner, and Chris Fraune, Director, PwC

“Microsoft Azure allows us to focus on the core of the business – sales and development, leaving all IT infrastructure management to Microsoft specialists. With new hosting facilities of Microsoft in Switzerland, we will be able to further expand our business, bringing innovation even to most conservative Swiss financial institutions.”
– Chris Gogol, Founder and CEO, WealthArc

“As a long-standing partner of Microsoft, we build cloud-based solutions based on Microsoft Azure. With the Swiss data centers with local data storage, we can increasingly support our customers with sustainable and trustworthy solutions based on the principles of security, compliance, data protection and transparency.”
– Martin Wunderli, Member of the Board of Executives, Trivadis Holding AG

“The possibility of storing and processing data within the Swiss legal area in the MSFT cloud is attractive. A compliance evaluation of the cloud project will show customers by how much the compliance related hurdles in their specific application case have been lowered. It becomes a door opener to leverage new technologies and features the first significant step for companies to gain a fact based understanding of cloud related compliance management.”
– Thomas Bolliger, Partner, Head of Information Governance & Compliance, KPMG Switzerland

“Temenos has been working with Microsoft to re-define the banking experience since 2011, when we became the first banking software provider to launch a managed cloud offering based on Microsoft Azure. Our relationship with Microsoft will enable our customers to benefit from the security, privacy and compliance built into the Swiss Data Centers, as well as the highest performance and scalability levels needed to thrive in the new world of banking.”
– Paul Carr, Head of Global technology Alliances, Temenos

“Thanks to the Cloud, our customers can break new ground, offer new services and be more successful. As a long-standing player, Microsoft enjoys great trust among Swiss companies. This is why more and more companies are placing their data with Microsoft. We are expecting the introduction of Swiss data centers to further strengthen this trend.”
– David Schneider, CTO, isolutions AG

“For our customers in the healthcare and financial sectors, data management in Switzerland is essential to drive digitalization forward. With Microsoft, we are placing our trust in a partner who not only considers security, data protection, transparency and compliance to be essential, but also implements these principles consistently.”
– Marco Rast, CEO, Vision-Inside AG

“We welcome Microsoft’s decision to offer cloud services in Swiss data centers. These are a key complementary component of Swisscom’s cloud product portfolio. Microsoft’s decision reinforces the importance and momentum of the cloud market in Switzerland. This will enable us to integrate and manage our services relating to Microsoft products even more comprehensively for our customers.”
– Egon Steinkasserer, Chief Product Officer Enterprise Customers, Swisscom

“Microsoft Cloud services from Swiss data centers will massively reduce many of the local financial services industry’s digitalization headaches. At Appway, we are extremely excited about collaborating with Microsoft to bring together the advantages of the Cloud with the highest security standards and regulatory compliance. We expect not only faster time to market, but also increasingly connected digital services that substantially enhance the value for end customers.”
– Valérie Bauloye, Head of Channels & Partner Management, Appway

“We view Microsoft Azure as a key service in enhancing our product offering with a special focus on delivering our innovative products as hosted services in the Cloud. Microsoft’s Azure platform helps Quartal in providing highly scalable, resilient services to its customers and delivers high value for our customers.”
–  Thierry Zuppinger, CEO, Quartal Financial Solutions AG

“By teaming up with Microsoft and hosting NetGuardians’ AI solution in the Cloud from datacenters in Switzerland, we can provide smarter and better quality fraud mitigation to more financial institutions, companies and organizations worldwide.”
– Joël Winteregg, co-founder and CEO, NetGuardians

“We decided a few years back to offer our existing solution as a global SaaS offering exclusively based on the Microsoft Azure platform. The Swiss datacenters will help us to accelerate the conversion of customers in Switzerland from on-premise to the Microsoft Cloud.”
– Pietro Ferrari, CTO, Board International

“Networked social security solutions in the digital environment require complex and at the same time easily manageable and secure IT infrastructures. That’s why 80% of our new customers already outsource their IT when changing systems. The Microsoft Cloud Region with data storage in Switzerland therefore offers our customers a highly attractive new alternative, which we actively support.”
– Hans-Jörg Scheitlin, Co-Founder, M&S Software Engineering

“The combination of innovative Office and Azure services with secure data storage in Switzerland simply offers to “have the cake and eat it too”. In close cooperation with Microsoft, BitHawk supports Swiss companies in digitalisation. The Microsoft Swiss Cloud is the ideal platform for this.”
– Oliver Schalch, CEO, BitHawk AG

“Cognizant welcomes Microsoft’s decision to launch two data centers in Switzerland during 2019. Our clients show a significantly heightened interest in data centers, especially in the highly regulated industries. Such centers help to accelerate clients’ journeys to public cloud in order to become digital and more agile, helping support increasing regional demand for industry-specific technology solutions and localized client support, especially in the financial service sectors. As a Microsoft strategic partner, our joint Swiss customers are already benefitting from Cognizant’s global experience and our strong capabilities to assess, plan, migrate and maintain new and existing workloads in the Azure cloud.”
– Stefan Metzger, Country Managing Director for Switzerland, Cognizant

“The Swiss Microsoft Cloud provides entirely new opportunities in the areas of data management, regulatory compliance and governance. The Swiss Microsoft Cloud is a blessing for our customers who want to combine state-of-the-art collaboration tools with Swiss data management.»
– Markus Erlacher, Co-CEO, itnetX (Switzerland) AG

“Thanks to the Microsoft Datacenter in Switzerland, we can drive digital transformation together with our customers. As a long-standing strategic partner of Microsoft, we build on the highest security standards to meet regulatory requirements. This is what the Microsoft Swiss Cloud stands for.»
– Pablo Hofer, Sales Executive Public Cloud Azure, DXC Technology

Read the Microsoft Cloud Services announcement here.

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