ABB is pioneering technology in digital industries at Hannover Messe

Hannover Messe

The factory of the future, the world’s fastest e-vehicle charger and ABB Ability digital solutions are at the heart of the ABB exhibit showcasing the increasingly smart technologies transforming the future of industry, energy, mobility, cities and work.

ABB’s leadership in digital industries is being showcased at Hannover Messe 2019, with displays of collaborative automation and digitalization technologies that are driving the next phase of the Fourth Industrial and Energy Revolution. This year’s event also presents the new ABB, which is intensifying its emphasis on customers by simplifying its organizational structure as of April 1, 2019 to focus on four entrepreneurial businesses: Electrification, Industrial Automation, Robotics & Discrete Automation, and Motion.

Today, thousands of customers around the globe are guided by ABB’s expertise in digital industrial technologies to achieve the levels of flexibility, efficiency and performance that are at the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The groundbreaking technologies will be demonstrated this year at the Hanover Fair in the “Factory of the Future”, among other places, where ABB is delivering a compelling solution to the trend towards custom mass production that is just breaking through the industrial world.

Hannover Messe

In Hanover, ABB is highlighting its comprehensive digital offering ABB Ability, with which all four business units provide their customers with tailor-made solutions. More than 210 solutions presented at the show leverage the enormous potential of network connectivity and data analysis to create value for customers. For example, the condition and performance of robots can be centrally monitored with ABB Ability Connected Services and productivity increased through predictive, proactive maintenance and faster response and recovery times. In the future, ABB Ability will also use autonomous technologies and artificial intelligence to help industrial systems adapt and learn in complex, data-intensive environments.

The ABB Ability platform is an integrated Industrial Internet platform and cloud infrastructure based on ABB’s leading expertise in technologies, industries and digital to allow businesses to harnesses the power of industrial data. The platform enables customers to securely integrate and aggregate their data, combine with wider industry data, apply big data and predictive analytics, and generate insights that can help them drive performance and productivity improvements.

By selecting Microsoft Azure as the cloud for its integrated connectivity platform, ABB’s customers will now have access to an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure that benefits from billions of dollars of ongoing investment. Together, ABB and Microsoft will accelerate digital solutions that improve customers’ productivity by increasing uptime, speed and yield.

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