BlockFactory and Microsoft Switzerland together strengthen confidence in the digital world

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In this day and age, it is easy to forge any documents as technology makes it quite simple to alter them. For example, forged diplomas from any university or college can be bought on the internet with just a few clicks – both paper and digital versions. This creates uncertainty for employers, casts doubt on an applicants’ credibility, and is unfair to students who spent time and money to earn their degree.

With Certifaction, BlockFactory has developed a leading blockchain-based certification solution. The solution enables users to make millions of documents, or machine-readable information, tamper-proof and instantly verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain. The solution has been designed to ensure scalability and uncompromisingly protect the privacy of confidential data.

As part of the Microsoft Partner Program, BlockFactory has migrated its solution from the Google Cloud platform to Microsoft Azure. Andrew Reid, Partner Development Lead Microsoft Switzerland, is excited about the partnership: “Certifaction creates trust in a digital world. The existing processes in today’s diploma verification process will be revolutionized by the blockchain-based solution, to the great advantage and benefit of universities, students and employers.” For him, the success of BlockFactory underlines the innovative strength of the Swiss startups themselves: “Startups open up innovation in all ecosystems in which they operate and strengthen the competitiveness of the Swiss market as a whole”.

Benoit Henry, CEO of BlockFactory, emphasizes that the partnership with Microsoft enables synergies from a commercial point of view, such as the co-selling with Microsoft, and the roll-out of Certifaction internationally. Additionally, Benoit Henry points out: “We love to be challenged, and Microsoft has asked us very relevant questions that open up exciting perspectives both from a commercial and technical perspective.”

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