Microsoft Switzerland is moving!

After 20 years in Wallisellen, Microsoft Switzerland has embarked on its journey to move its headquarter to The Circle at the Zurich Airport. Our address has changed as of May 17th 2021.

It is with mixed feelings that we closed the doors of the Wallisellen office for good this past Friday evening. The building, which has served as Microsoft’s Swiss headquarters since October 2001, is now being decommissioned and will soon be handed over to the landlord.

Although the Wallisellen office is now somewhat aged, it has served us well. It is now however time to turn a page and look forward. Our first stopover is the co-working space REGUS at Zurich Airport, where we expect to be based until the end of June.

Starting today, this is the official headquarters of Microsoft Switzerland. Our new address is as follows:

Microsoft Schweiz GmbH​
The Circle​
8058 Zürich-Flughafen

Following our brief period at REGUS, we will move to the next stopover, which will be the SPACES co-working center in The Circle. We will remain there until we can move into our new Microsoft Collaboration Space at the end of October.

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