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We are very pleased to be joined today by Catrin Hinkel as the new General Manager of Microsoft Switzerland.  

As of today, Catrin Hinkel is in charge of Microsoft Switzerland as Country General Manager. The German national studied at the University of Reutlingen (European Business School in Reutlingen and London). After graduating, Catrin Hinkel worked in various roles for Accenture, most recently as Senior Managing Director for Cloud First Strategy & Consulting in Europe.  

Cindy Rose, President of Microsoft Western Europe, says: „I am very pleased to welcome Catrin Hinkel as the new General Manager of Microsoft Switzerland. Catrin is an experienced leader who has been working in our ecosystem for many years and therefore understands our solutions and technology, as well as our customers’ and partners’ opportunities and challenges. 

Catrin Hinkel will be focusing on digital transformation in Switzerland. She is particularly interested in innovation, the responsible use of data, education and training, and sustainability. Catrin Hinkel was elected to the Executive Board of the industry association ASUT on May 6 and to the Executive Committee of Digital Switzerland on May 27. 

She is also a member of the Supervisory Board of CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security and spokesperson of the Board of “Generation CEO”, a non-profit association and established network for women leaders in German-speaking countries. Catrin Hinkel is the mother of two children and lives in Zurich. 

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