Calin Turcanu is the new M&O Lead for Microsoft Switzerland

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Since August 2021, Calin Turcanu has joined the Leadership Team of Microsoft Switzerland as Marketing & Operations (M&O) Lead. He has most recently worked as Global Surface Lead at the headquarter in Redmond.

Calin Turcanu has broad executive and international experience. For the past four years, he has held the position of Global Surface Lead at the Microsoft HQ in Redmond. Starting August 2nd, Calin Turcanu has taken on a new role as M&O Lead of Microsoft Switzerland and joined the Executive Board. He succeeds Henriette Wendt who has left the company.

Prior to his work in Redmond, Calin Turcanu led the Global Devices Business Group in UAE. Before joining Microsoft, Calin Turcanu worked for Nokia in Finland, USA, UK and UAE and for BP in Romania. For his new role, he has relocated to the Zurich area. He is married and has two daughters. Calin Turcanu was born in 1974 in Romania.

The Executive Team of Microsoft Switzerland now consists of the following members: Catrin Hinkel (General Manager), Simone Frömming (Enterprise Commercial), Calin Turcanu (M&O), Caroline Rogge (HR), Anita Ratkovic Andric (CFO), Roger Altorfer (CSU), René Hürlimann (STU), Christian Widmer (Public Sector), Thomas Winter (Partner), Martin Haas (SMC), Bjørn Vestergaard (Microsoft Consulting), Marc Holitscher (NTO) and Tobias Steger (PR & Communications).

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