Cloud Services in the Swiss Healthcare Market

Patient centricity, quality and efficiency are not contradictory – they are mutually dependent. Hospitals are facing new, multi-layered tasks: further development of the healthcare system requires a digital transformation so that the gaps in healthcare can be closed. Thanks to technological advances in recent years, telemedicine, for example, offers a wide range of potential scenarios. In this case, new technologies could support diagnosis, help with patient monitoring, or save time thanks to automatic triaging. Many of these new services are based on so called “cloud services”. Often it seems to be unclear if and how such cloud-based services may be used by healthcare organizations in Switzerland; questions are asked about security and data privacy. 

With over 30 years of history in Switzerland, Microsoft has both respect for and a deep understanding of the local laws and regulations and can meet the country’s demands.  

Regarding the use of cloud in the healthcare industry, there are several specific whitepapers that address common legal aspects in this context, give answers to frequent questions and even refer to the 26 cantonal legislation situations. 

Cloud solutions for Swiss hospitals: What needs to be considered from a legal perspective? What is the concrete procedure? Which measures are relevant? These and other questions are answered by a new «Guide to the introduction of cloud services in Swiss hospitals«, which was compiled by David Rosenthal, Partner at VISCHER AG, together with the Vereinigung Gesundheitsinformatik Schweiz, the Swiss Healthcare IT Association. The guide proves to be very valuable for hospitals.   

Useful Links 

We have put together documents that can help you develop your cloud strategy or data protection impact assessment (Datenschutzfolgeabschätzung): 

External guides to cloud technology adoption: 

Microsoft guides – Public Sector Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 Cloud Design:  

About the Cloud Act: 

Microsoft resources: 

References in the Swiss Healthcare Market

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