Swiss-based film production platform releases its PRODUCER solution at NAB to clients worldwide on Microsoft Azure

PRODUCER presents itself at the NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters) in Las Vegas from 15.04. – 19.04.2023. At the largest gathering of electronic media, the Swiss startup will show its innovative film production solution to a broad public for the first time. As part of Microsoft for Startups, PRODUCER integrates various Microsoft Azure services.

PRODUCER (, the Swiss-based start-up, is receiving enthusiastic feedback from the film industry: The first testers of the web application based on Microsoft Azure services attest to the new solution’s unprecedented features. Thanks to PRODUCER, content creators can combine all the data and files they need for a film production in a central application and access them without restriction from anywhere in the world.

In three years of intensive development work, company founders Xaver Walser and Paul-Emile Joëssel developed PRODUCER together with an experienced team. A cloud-based application that integrates in one virtual location all the tools needed for each phase of a film production. PRODUCER relies on a set of Microsoft Azure services such as Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Key Vault and Azure Storage. The solution enables every step in film production – from mood boards in development to content reviews in post-production to location scouting, shot lists and casting calls – to be coordinated, tracked and edited in a centralized process at any time and from anywhere in the world.

As part of Microsoft for Startups, team were able to count on valuable expertise from Microsoft throughout the development phase to ensure their solution runs smoothly wherever you may be working around the world.

The resulting pre-release version has convinced the already numerous test users of PRODUCER’s value. Simon Kegler, Project Manager at Audi Switzerland, has already created various productions with and is enthusiastic about its features: «PRODUCER makes a film production much more efficient and thus helps to keep costs under control at all times. Once you’ve worked with PRODUCER, it’s hard to go back to an old system. As an innovative car brand, this groundbreaking tool is a perfect fit for us. PRODUCER is a real game changer.»

So far, testers have rated the intuitive usability, the clear management in provisioning all production-relevant documents, and the cloud-based application’s location-independent accessibility for all parties involved in a film production, as its most valuable edge.

Xaver Walser, CEO, wants to push development even further, in his words: «The ongoing testing phase generates valuable feedback for our team, which is continuously integrated into the improvement of PRODUCER for our users.”

Andy Beach, CTO Media and Entertainment at Microsoft says: “PRODUCER – Maker Machina is a bridge between the cloud and all facets of content and film production. The integration with Microsoft Azure allows filmmakers to dispatch video content across datacenters to improve the streaming experience.”

Whilst working on the prerelease implementations, the PRODUCER engineers are already planning the integration of Generative AI tools, such as text and image generation from Azure OpenAI Services.

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