EZRA Unveils AI-Powered Development Assistant, Cai, Built on Microsoft Azure

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As the cornerstone of its technology ecosystem, Microsoft Azure allows EZRA to continue delivering state-of-the-art learning and development (L&D) solutions that facilitate positive behavior change at scale.

EZRA, the digital coaching arm of LHH, has unveiled Cai, an AI-powered development assistant built on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. Cai represents a breakthrough in learner engagement for EZRA by leveraging the power of generative AI through Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to enable a more interactive and productive user experience.

Earlier this year, EZRA released Focus, an L&D platform delivering short, sharp, one-to-one development sessions with accredited coaches for employees supported by curated behavioral science-backed nudges. Embedded as a feature in all Focus nudges is Cai, a development assistant that engages learners and transforms their self-reflection into an active and meaningful process before and between development sessions.

“Humancentric coaching and development is and always will be at the core of EZRA’s solutions,” said Jack Prevezer, COO & Co-Founder at EZRA. “However, we understand the immense impact AI supported technology can have in enriching user experiences and improving client outcomes.”

Key features of Cai include:

  • The ability to rate responses, provide feedback and gather insights for learners in real-time.
  • Prompts designed to boost motivation, build capability and change behavior.
  • Sharing self-reflective learner responses and feedback with coaches to inform future development sessions.

“Leveraging a trusted and leading cloud provider like Microsoft as the foundation for Cai empowers us to drive product innovation while upholding the highest standards and best practices for security and data privacy within the digital coaching industry,” said Sean Paley, Chief Technology Officer at EZRA.

“With Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, EZRA is transforming their ability to engage both with its learners and clients providing them with secure, scalable and customizable ways to deliver more in-depth insights and impactful programs,” said Sonja Meindl, Enterprise Commercial Director at Microsoft.

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