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by Nicci Trovinger

Copilot+ PCs are our fastest, most intelligent Windows PCs ever and are available for pre-order today and generally available beginning on June 18th. Today, we’re excited to share more information about our new advanced AI experiences that enable you to do things you can’t on any other PC, helping you be more productive, creative and communicate more effectively. These experiences are only available on new Copilot+ PCs.


Everyone has an imagination and the ability to be an artist. Now, with Cocreator you can enter a text prompt and start drawing on the Paint canvas, and Cocreator will generate beautiful artwork based on your input as you draw. Powerful AI cocreates alongside you helping you bring your ideas to life. As you edit, it responds, evolving in near real time. Adjust the creativity slider to get more or less assistance from AI to modify your image. Or even apply one of the available style filters like Watercolor or Oil Painting to style your image. And without token limits or additional subscription fees, you can create without limits.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Launch: Search for and open the Paint application in the Taskbar, Start Menu, or app list. If you do not see it, you can download it from the Microsoft Store. When the application opens, click on the Cocreator icon on the top right side of the in-app toolbar to open the experience. If you do not see the Cocreator icon, the Paint application may need an update. To get the update, select “Get updates” in Microsoft Store > Library.
  • Sign in: You’ll be prompted to login with your Microsoft account. This helps ensure that images follow our responsible AI (RAI) and security guidelines.
  • Try:
    • Start by entering a text prompt in the box that asks you to describe what you’d like to create. Need some ideas? Try, “a mountainous valley of wildflowers,” “a city skyline at sunset,” or even, “a sea turtle over a coral reef” to make beautiful pictures.[1]
    • Start drawing on the canvas with your mouse, pen or touch[2] to begin making your art and watch as the image adjusts to your input in near real time.
    • You can use any tools or colors you want. For best results, use the colors you desire in the output, broader brush strokes and the fill up the canvas as much as you can.
    • Adjust the Creativity level by moving the slider. Lower creativity means less AI input and the output will be closer to your sketch. Higher creativity means more AI input and the output will be more imaginative and diverse.
    • Or select a Style option from the drop-down menu. You can choose art styles like watercolor and oil painting to customize the artwork you create.
    • When you are satisfied with your artwork, simply click the generated image in the side pane to apply it to the Paint canvas. You could add additional detail to your text prompt, like adding a butterfly to your landscape or a starfish to your underwater scene to continue evolving your image.
    • Be sure to save your favorite images to use where you need them by selecting File -> Save or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S.
  • For more information on Cocreator in Paint, visit the Microsoft Support page.

AI meets your images

Restyle Image

Reimagine your personal photos to combine image generation and photo editing into one powerful tool with Restyle Image. Use pre-set styles like Cyberpunk or Pixel art to modify the entire feel of the picture.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Launch: Open the Photos app by searching for Photos in Start or selecting it from your applications list. Don’t see it? Search Microsoft Photos in the Microsoft Store.
  • Sign in: You’ll be prompted to login with your Microsoft account. This helps ensure that images follow our responsible AI (RAI) and security guidelines.
  • Try:
    • Select and open an image you want to edit and above the image, select Restyle Image to surface the tools.
    • Describe a style you would like to apply using your words in the text prompt box and click send.[2] Try, “An abstract expressionist art style, characterized by spontaneous gestural brushwork.”
    • Or, you can select from a preset style, including Fantasy, Anime, Surrealism, Impressionism, Cyberpunk, Renaissance, Watercolor, Papercraft, or Pixel art.
    • You can choose to apply the effects to either the foreground, the background or the entire image.
    • Continue editing until the image is just right -there are no token limits so you can adjust and explore without limits.
    • When you are ready to save, select Save options at the top to come back to your photo any time you need.
  • For more information on Windows Photos Restyle Image and Image Creator, visit the Microsoft Support page.

Image Creator

Looking for visual inspiration or want to explore a variety of ways to express the same image concept? Image Creator in Photos generates endless images for free, fast, with the ability to fine-tune images to your liking. You can also save your favorite images or collections to come back to whenever you need them.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Launch: Open the Photos app by searching for Photos in Start or selecting it from your applications list. Don’t see it? Search for “Microsoft Photos” in the Microsoft Store.
  • Sign in: You’ll be prompted to login with your Microsoft account. This helps ensure that images follow our responsible AI (RAI) and security guidelines.
  • Try:
    • Select Image Creator from the menu of options on the left side
    • Select one of the preset options like Dessert ideas or Sci-fi book covers to apply the text prompt.
    • Or, you can describe the image that you would like to create. You can be as specific as you would like. Need some ideas? Try, “living room, mid-century, neutral colors,” or “floral tablescapes for a wedding, soft pastel, neutral background, in a romantic style.”[2]
    • Watch as 20 different images generate to give you a range of options or inspiration.
    • Need more ideas? Keep scrolling and more will generate. Use the creativity slider to generate new variations, apply filters, or modify your prompt by adding additional words to continue evolving your responses.
    • See an image or series of images you like? Select the image, right click and save or hover over the image and click on the save icon so you can use it or come back to it whenever you need.
  • For more information on Windows Photos Restyle Image and Image Creator, visit the Microsoft Support page.

Live Captions

In an increasingly connected and global world, Windows wants to bring people closer together. Live Captions now has live translations and can turn any audio that passes through your PC, including video calls and streaming content, into a consistent, English-language caption experience. Translations occur in real time, displays consistently across applications, even when you’re offline. Currently it is available to translate from 44 languages into English subtitles.[3]

Here’s how to get started:

  • Launch: Click on Quick Settings from your taskbar and scroll to select and turn on Live Captions. Or, open Settings -> Accessibility -> Captions -> Toggle on Live Captions. You will be asked to select yes to agree to allow Microsoft to process your voice data on your device and to download the Live Captions language files when necessary.
  • Try:
    • Listening to your favorite podcast, watching your favorite films or viewing global sporting events spoken in non-English languages to instantly follow along with English captions.
    • Have a call with family, friends or teammates around the globe. After turning on Live Captions, invite them to speak in different languages and see their words instantly translated into English captions.
    • Move the captions box to a new place on your screen by clicking and dragging to a new location or by selecting the settings icon and selecting a fixed location above screen, below screen, or overlaid on screen.
    • Make the captions box bigger by resizing the box to see more words.
  • For more information on Live Captions, visit the Microsoft Support page.

Windows Studio Effects

Windows Studio Effects just got better with more effects to help you look and sound your best whether it be on a video conference call or recording video or audio content for your creative pursuits.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Launch: Windows Studio Effects are easily accessible by selecting Quick Settings from your Taskbar and then choosing which effects you would like applied in the Quick Settings dropdown. You can see a preview of the effect by checking the box and can even select multiple effects to use simultaneously.
  • Try:
    • Selecting portrait light which automatically adjusts the image to improve your perceived illumination in a dark environment or brighten the foreground pixels when in a low-light environment. If you are in a room with natural lighting that gets brighter or darker throughout the day, watch as your lighting adjusts with you.
    • Applying creative filters (illustrated, animated or watercolor) create artistic flair, for a fun way to apply a stylized look to your video image.
    • Need to read a reference document while making a presentation on a video call? Try eye contact: teleprompter which helps you maintain eye contact with your audience while you read on your screen.
    • Portrait blur has new enhancements, helping to keep the focus on you and not your background.
    • In a noisy space and want to be heard more clearly? Select voice focus, now with new enhancements, to keep your voice, not the background noise, in focus.
  • For more information on Windows Studio Effects, visit the Microsoft Support page.

Recall instantly

We aimed to solve one of the most common frustrations with using your PC – finding something you know you have seen on your PC but not remembering how to get back to it. Coming soon with Recall (in preview), you can find that content and then re-engage with it[4]. Windows will save snapshots of your active screen periodically, as frequently as every 3-5 seconds. With Recall you can then easily find your snapshots and re-open a document, get to the right webpage, or highlight and copy images or text using screenray to use across other applications.[5]  And, you’re always in control of your privacy with built-in controls that help you pause, delete or prevent web sites and apps from being saved in in your snapshots. Recall requires opt in to begin saving your snapshots, does not have access to your snapshots, and you can change your selection at any time.

Here’s how to get started.

  • Opt-in: For Recall to save your snapshots, you need to opt in to the experience. You can do this by clicking “save snapshots” in the out of box experience during device set up. You can also navigate to the Settings application -> Privacy & security -> Recall & snapshots -> turn snapshots toggle on if you do not opt in during device set up. You can change this selection at any time.
  • Come back: We recommend trying out some of the other new experiences or spending a little time using your PC first before exploring Recall. That way you have snapshots available to search for, discover and interact with.
  • Launch: Open Recall either by clicking on the Recall icon on the center of your taskbar or by searching for Recall in the Start menu. You’ll be asked to authenticate using Windows Hello to launch the experience and proof of presence is also required to view your timeline and search in Recall.
  • Try:
    • Start by trying to find something you know you’ve seen before. Type the clues you remember in the search box using descriptive words. Or use voice to search by clicking the microphone icon in the search box. You can search using words, visual descriptors, colors, dates, or even names and it will return both text and visual matches for the words you described. For example, if you created a picture of a landscape in Cocreator, just describe what you drew or a color that stands out from your picture. Try finding a document by searching for something you remember about it or something in the document that you remember seeing instead of what the file was called.
    • You can scroll back across your timeline by dragging your cursor across the timeline and finding a snapshot to return to.
    • Select a snapshot and see screenray in action, illuminating content in the snapshot you can act on as you hover. It analyzes the content to give you selectable images and text. Right click to copy the objects or open in another relevant application to quickly get to work.
    • Use the reopen action below the snapshot to get back to your original content (website, document, application) and pick up where you left off.

Adjust your privacy & security

    • When Recall is running on your PC, you will see a Recall icon on the system tray alerting you when snapshot recording is in process.
    • When you want to pause or change your snapshot privacy settings, you can easily do so by clicking on the Recall icon in the System Tray. You can simply click to pause snapshots until the next day or to open Settings -> Privacy & security -> Recall & snapshots where you have additional controls.
    • Turn off save for snapshots, change your storage configuration, delete your snapshots or set specific application or website filters with easy to use controls in Settings.
    • Turn on InPrivate browsing within Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or other Chromium-based browsers to prevent browser content from saving in your snapshots from within the browser’s Settings.
    • We have added additional layers of data protection including “just in time” decryption, protected by Windows Hello Enhanced Sign-in Security (ESS)so Recall snapshots will only be decrypted and accessible when you authenticate. In addition, we encrypted the search index database.
    • Microsoft provides many built-in security features from the chip to the cloud to protect Recall content. All Copilot+ PCs are Secured-core PCs, come with the Microsoft Pluton security processor enabled by default, and include Windows Hello ESS.
    • For additional information on Recall Privacy see our support pages on Privacy, on how to use here and here how to manage for your organization.

We hope you enjoy these experiences and encourage you to tell us about your experience providing comments or suggestions via the Feedback Hub app. These experiences begin to be available on June 18th on Copilot+ PCs. Visit your local Microsoft Store or to experience the update and learn more.



[1] Optimized for English text prompts.

[2] On capable devices.

[3] Currently supports translation for video and audio subtitles into English from 40+ languages. See

[4] Recall is coming soon through a post-launch Windows Update. See

[5] Optimized for select languages (English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, and Spanish). Content-based and storage limitations apply.

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