Stay connected while working remotely

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Enabling a team, no matter its size, to work remotely is a challenge and this challenge is different for every organization. Microsoft is committed to its mission to empower every organization in the world to achieve more, leveraging key offerings such as Microsoft Teams and Windows Virtual Desktop.


Microsoft Teams – The Hub for Teamwork

Teams is Microsoft’s collaboration platform. With Teams, you can virtually chat, collaborate, and meet with employees, customers, suppliers and partners. The Microsoft Office apps are built right into Teams, so you can use and share the files you create in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook without leaving the tool. Teams allows employees to work remotely, stay connected while they can share in real-time their updates and ideas with each other.

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

If you are new to Teams, here are a couple of quick links to get an overview of Teams and familiarize yourself with the tool:

Boost Communication, Collaboration and Productivity with Teams

Microsoft Teams offers unique capabilities for teams, no matter how big or small, to stay connected and informed. Here are a few videos to show you how:

Stay ahead with Microsoft Teams

Are you eager to learn more? We ‘ve got you covered:

Plus, we are here to help with useful tips and tricks on balancing remote work from our own experience:


Windows Virtual Desktop – The Art of Desktop Streaming

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) enables access to company applications and resources through a remote desktop environment served by Azure on almost any device. WVD enables you to deliver a great virtualized Windows and Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus experience while reducing IT overhead with built-in security and management features.Windows Virtual Desktop Benefits


Getting Started with Windows Virtual Desktop


Advance your skills

If you are good with the basics, here is a list of technical training material to deep dive on the deployment scenarios and administration tasks.

  • Windows Virtual Desktop series on YouTube
  • Windows Virtual Desktop on Microsoft Azure Docs
  • Windows Virtual Desktop learning paths on MSLearn