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How AppsForOps is making life easier for Australia’s SMBs

Time, and money, are unquestionably the two most valuable resources for small to medium businesses. As the allocation of these resources to technology becomes more of a priority in the digital economy, transformation projects, depending on their scale, can make or break a small business’s bottom line. It begs the … Read more »

Search365 and Microsoft tackle the big data minefield

There are few experiences more frustrating than having a word on the tip of your tongue. The ambition of Search365 is to make this feeling a thing of the past. Search has made accessing information easy but it still struggles with the ambiguities of natural language; the space between relevancy, … Read more »

Renewable energy takes a new leap with Australian start-up

Renewable energy has taken Australia by storm, with solar panels popping up on the rooftops of millions of Australian homes in the last decade. As attention now shifts to storing excess power in battery systems, suppliers are racing to market with a range of solutions to help homeowners get the … Read more »

Sadam’s Story: Aim for the sky and reach the moon

Sadam Ahmed was two and a half the last time he saw a tree, or looked at the sky. Then darkness. But he still aims for the moon. Born into a refugee camp in Somalia, Sadam was dealt a difficult hand from day one. His world was scarred by violence … Read more »