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Microsoft invests in critical national infrastructure to accelerate Australia’s digital transformation

SYDNEY – April 3, 2018 – Microsoft today announces the availability of Azure Australia Central – two new Microsoft Azure cloud regions located within highly secure, resilient Australian-owned facilities of Canberra Data Centres. These regions are specifically designed to support the mission-critical demands of government and critical national infrastructure, accelerating … Read more »

Microsoft announces Sydney as home to world class startup program

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Wednesday 14 February, 2018 – Microsoft today announced that Sydney will join the likes of Seattle, Beijing, Berlin, and London in becoming the location of the eighth Microsoft ScaleUp program, Microsoft’s world-class program for technology startups. The Microsoft ScaleUp program will take up residence in the state … Read more »

2018 is the year of AI

If the history of human advancement has taught us one thing it is that genuine step-change does not occur because of a single technology breakthrough, but a combination of complimentary factors coming together at the same time. This couldn’t be truer than when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), the … Read more »

How will digital impact your work and what can be done?

Calling all Aussie workers. Whatever sector of the workforce you’re in, and whether you’re a 30-year veteran or three months out of school, the digital revolution sweeping across Australia will impact you. You may be what we call a ‘starter’ – a young person who will need to be constantly … Read more »