Microsoft releases SQL Server 2012 to help customers manage any data, any size, virtually anywhere

Today Microsoft announced the general availability of SQL Server 2012, the world’s most widely deployed data platform for managing, accessing and delivering information. SQL Server 2012 helps address the challenges of increasing data volumes by rapidly turning data into actionable business insights.

“Data is being generated faster than ever before, and Australian organisations need a way to process and analyse all that data,” said Marcy Larsen, Business Intelligence lead, Microsoft Australia. “Whatever the type or size of data, SQL Server 2012 provides CIOs and business leaders the tools to help spark innovation, productivity and future growth.”

SQL Server 2012: Proven Capability

SQL Server 2012 has been deployed for production use by a number of large enterprises across different sectors including Bank of New Zealand, Queensland Health, Telstra and Western Health.

“Bank of New Zealand implemented SQL Server 2012 in order to evolve its Business Intelligence solutions,” said Duane McLoed, senior architect, Business Intelligence, Bank of New Zealand. “This means that we can respond quickly to changing markets, simply because our people can access, model and analyse our customer data faster.”

“With SQL Server 2012’s new in-memory tabular model, Queensland Health has been able to analyse millions of transaction level details very quickly, something we were not able to do with previous versions. The ability to expose millions of rows and to perform calculations very quickly and simply gives us the potential to build real-time analytics and reporting applications especially for executive level reporting where the data are large and complex,” said John Kelly, Director of development finance solutions, Queensland Health.

Daniel Peluso, cloud technical specialist, Telstra, said: “We’re already seeing interest in SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn, because customers want the ability to move deduplication processing onto a secondary server to boost performance and throughput.”

Mathew Long, business intelligence manager at Western Health, said: “Western Health is in the process of implementing SQL Server 2012 which will enable us to process complex queries involving massive volumes of data in near-real time. Microsoft’s data platform has continued to advance and help us keep up with the evolving world of data.”

SQL Server 2012 – Partner Commitments

In Australia, customers choosing SQL Server 2012 enjoy the benefit of a rich hardware and software partner ecosystem that can create solutions for the most unique and demanding data management needs. Some of our partners who are excited about SQL Server 2012 include:


“We are focused on delivering sustainable Business Intelligence platforms that are quicker to deploy and easier to manage for our customers. The Microsoft BI platform offers the best value for our customers today, and with the release of SQL Server 2012 continues to deliver an unparalleled platform to underpin reliable and timely information delivery,” said Nadav Rayman, director of sales and marketing, BizData.


Microsoft SQL is the only platform for Business Intelligence that is a single technology from transactional store to corporate dashboard. That alone sets it apart. SQL Server 2012 delivers yet more innovation to that unified platform – from the front-end with PowerView to the backend with seamless high availability with AlwaysOn,” said Dominic Parsons, CEO, CALUMO Group.


“Our customers correlate millions of IT Operations metrics each day from multiple disparate sources into a single Business Intelligence Platform for IT. With SQL Server 2012 eMite will be able to increase those volumes of data queries in near-real time. Microsoft’s data platform has continued to advance and help us and our customers keep up with the evolving world of high volume data correlation,” said Stuart Geros, CEO, eMite.

New Levels of Return on Investment

SQL Server 2012 delivers high-value, mission-critical support built-in to support your business. Microsoft has released results from a new Microsoft-commissioned a Forrester report titled: Total Economic Impact of SQL Server 2012 Upgrade on the potential benefits of upgrading to SQL Server 2012. The study reports a strong potential return on investment from upgrading from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2012.

Delivering a powerful new set of capabilities

SQL Server 2012 delivers a powerful set of capabilities for workloads, business intelligence(BI) and hybrid IT across traditional datacenters and public and private clouds. More information about the new features in SQL Server 2012 can be found at the: SQL Server Virtual Press Room

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