Microsoft welcomes Social Networking Protocol

Microsoft welcomes Social Networking Protocol
16 January, 2013 | Sydney, Australia
Sydney – 16 January, 2013 – Microsoft Australia today welcomed the Cooperative Arrangement for Complaints Handling announced by the Prime Minister which calls on major technology companies to work co-operatively with Government, law enforcement agencies and the community to help address the issue of online bullying.

“Technology and social media offer amazing opportunities to connect, share and communicate, but it also brings with it a need for users to be responsible about how they participate,” said Pip Marlow, Managing Director, Microsoft Australia.

“We share the Government’s view that promoting good digital citizenship requires a collaborative effort and Microsoft is proud to support this initiative.

“Microsoft has a long standing commitment to working co-operatively with the community on issues of cyber-safety through the ThinkUKnow program.”

Microsoft has partnered with the Australian Federal Police and is supported by Datacom and ninemsn to deliver the ThinkUKnow program since 2009. The program involves AFP, Microsoft, Datacom and ninemsn volunteers providing free interactive training sessions to enable parents, carers and teachers to educate their children about cyber-safety and security.

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