Microsoft welcomes Data Breach Notification Legislation

Microsoft Australia welcomes the Government’s announcement that it will introduce the Privacy Amendment (Privacy Alerts) Bill into Parliament in coming days.

Microsoft supports the introduction of this legislation and calls on the Parliament to pass it in the final sitting weeks.

As consumers, businesses and even governments seek the incredible benefits offered by cloud computing and other digital services, they need the assurance that cloud service providers and those handling their data, appropriately manage the security risks associated with their cloud systems.

At Microsoft we believe consumers should be in control of their personal information and that providers should be transparent as to how customer information is used and who it is shared with.

One of the ways providers can give customers confidence that their data will be handled appropriately is if they are assured that in the event there is a security breach that gives rise to a real risk of serious harm, they will be notified promptly.

We have had the opportunity to review the legislation and we believe it strikes the appropriate balance of protecting the rights of the customer without being overly burdensome on cloud providers or having the effect of stifling innovation in this critical sector of the economy.

The passing of this legislation could see Australia rise on the BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard from its already high ranking of 2 out of 24 countries.  The only negative Australia received on the 66 agenda checklist of cloud readiness was in not having a breach notification law.

Microsoft agrees with the BSA that Australia is well positioned to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, and passing of this legislation will enhance Australia’s already-strong global reputation in this area.

BSA Cloud Computing Scorecard for Australia

*Microsoft is a member of BSA: The Software Alliance.

Pip Marlow

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