NSW Government embraces Microsoft’s cloud and mobility services under new agreement

Attributed to: Michael Gration, Head of Public Sector, Microsoft Australia

Progressive government departments are leading a quiet revolution as they embrace new technologies and techniques that are delivering remarkable results for citizens.

The NSW Government understands the power and potential of technology in helping to break down the barriers between agencies and citizens to ultimately improve the delivery of public services.

Today, the NSW Government announced an agreement that will see Microsoft’s cloud, mobility and collaborative solutions made available to NSW Government departments.


The agreement with Microsoft, which is one of the largest of its kind in Australia, is a great example of the way in which NSW Government Departments can transform the way they operate using technology to deliver better results for their communities.

The agreement means NSW departments will be able to access a range of cloud and mobility services, including Microsoft Office 365, which are hosted in Microsoft’s local data centres.

NSW departments will be able to integrate Cloud solutions with their existing Microsoft platforms which will provide great potential over time for them to collaborate, share information and encourage greater community feedback and engagement.

The technology will provide the potential for greater flexibility and mobility in their work as they will be able to connect to the same services using different devices.

Being able to store preferences, share knowledge more easily and automate more functions will also have a big impact on productivity.

More than 130,000 employees in five NSW departments will be the first to have the opportunity to take advantage of the new services  – Departments of Health, Finance, Services and Innovation, Family and Community Services, Planning and Environment, and Justice.

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Microsoft is delighted to provide these solutions to help enable departments to modernise their workplaces, provide greater staff mobility and allow them to connect more effectively with each other and the community.

It has the potential to change the whole nature of work for many public sector employees and showcase NSW as a leader in today’s digital economy.

It also has the potential to bring about significant cultural change as departments increasingly use cloud services to discover new and exciting ways of working and engaging with NSW citizens to provide even better services.

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