Australia’s Janison launches smarter, more personal enterprise learning platform

SYDNEY – NOVEMBER 1 2016A cloud-based enterprise learning solution, developed over several years working with organisations such as Westpac and Rio Tinto, has been released today by New South Wales company, Janison.

Janison Academy, which is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud, is available internationally as a one-stop digital enterprise learning solution. Arrangements with leading international learning content providers such as Wiley, Skillsoft and S4K, mean learning programmes can swiftly be curated with additional specialist content integrated on request.

Leveraging Power BI, and soon Cortana and Machine Learning, along with gamification techniques, the platform identifies how individuals react to both content and format, and can customise a learning programme at the individual level to optimise results. While the initial focus of the solution is on empowering employees to perform their roles better, there are plans to integrate assessment and in the future offer compliance-related modules to help organisations rein in risk.

According to Tom Richardson, Janison CEO, in an era of digital transformation, ensuring that staff are equipped with the smarts they need to fulfil their role is an absolute imperative. But traditional sage-on-stage classroom training models are limited in terms of their scope and flexibility.

Janison Academy can, for less than the cost of a coffee a day, deliver every employee access to a world-class online learning environment, a full library of content customised for the organisation, and programmes personalised for individual learners.

Importantly the online solution can be accessed anytime, from any device providing always-on-learning. No longer confined to the classroom, users can choose when and how to learn using a flexible and highly responsive system that holds content tailored specifically for their needs.

The resulting learner engagement pays dividends for employers, while the ability to tailor courses for individuals streamlines and optimises learning management for enterprises. Richardson says; “Take Westpac as a good example. They can now provide a personalised learning experience for 35,000 people at a fraction of the cost of traditional face to face learning”

“Janison Academy really is providing an amazing opportunity for our staff to direct their personal development and to connect with others to learn, teach and share. Our staff are now enabled to take the next step in their learning journey” said Christine Parker Group Executive Human Resources and Corporate Affairs at Westpac

In stark contrast Janison provides a single source of learning, along with curated and targeted content focussed on the specific needs of individual employees.

“It’s very much using the analytics and the smarts to zero-in on the learning areas that are needed,” says Richardson. Instead of deploying a scattergun approach to training and education which can be costly and ineffective, Janison Academy pinpoints where learning intervention is required to deliver relevant and high impact content.

Richardson explains that hosting the platform on Microsoft Azure, and the tight integration with Microsoft solutions such as Office 365 and Yammer, delivers a rich authoring and collaboration platform so that content for the .NET based Janison platform can be easily created and integrated.

This approach will, says Richardson, revolutionise enterprise learning over the coming four years. “I think there’s going to be a huge change in the way that we learn – it will be much more personalised and much smarter.”

Businesses who are interested can sign up for a free trial at: or contact [email protected].

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