Australian enterprises infuse intelligence to spur transformation

SYDNEY – April 11, 2018 – Australian enterprises of all scales in every sector are demonstrating unprecedented appetite for digital solutions driving innovation and organisational transformation. They also recognise the value in infusing intelligence across the business to support customers, employees and business strategy while building competitive advantage.

With that top of mind, Microsoft Australia is this month releasing a fresh wave of innovation across its Business Applications with intelligence infused across the range and an array of new application platform capabilities

Today, Microsoft is announcing a number of Australian customers that will use Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications and platform services to introduce intelligent solutions that will enhance the experiences of their customers, while providing greater transparency and efficiency for their enterprise:

  • Bupa TeleHealth is deploying Microsoft technologies for a more intelligent appraisal of its clients;
  • Catholic Education Western Australia is deploying Dynamics 365 to provide intelligent streamlined operations capacity to its schools across the State;
  • Citta Design uses cloud hosted Dynamics 365 for anytime anywhere access for employees and richer customer insights;
  • Australia’s Department of Health has deployed Exchange, SharePoint and Dynamics 365 to streamline case management, overcome information silos and provide a holistic view of the patient for optimal outcome;
  • Hills Ltd is using Dynamics 365 to promote workplace flexibility, agility and act as a runway to continuous intelligence-infused improvement; and
  • Majans is building a Factory of the Future with Dynamics 365, Power Apps and Power BI.

Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Business, Microsoft said; “Digital transformation has never been higher on the boardroom and governmental agenda.

“Enterprises in all sectors, of all sizes acknowledge that digital transformation infused with intelligence promises a competitive advantage to organisations and even to nations in a fast-evolving digital world.”

He said that Australian business leaders have the opportunity to embrace the transformative power of the cloud to accelerate business innovation and create experiences that consistently exceed customer expectations.

Value added

Digital transformation will add an estimated $45 billion to Australia’s GDP by 2021 and increase its growth rate by 0.5 per cent annually, according to a recently released study. The research, “Unlocking the Economic Impact of Digital Transformation in Asia Pacific[1]”, was produced by Microsoft in partnership with IDC Asia/Pacific.

That value is already evident to Microsoft customers.

According to Majans, Amit Raniga, who is building the digital foundations for the Factory of the Future; “What this allows you to do is automate the whole collect and analyse part, so if you can collect and analyse digitally and automatically using IoT and advanced computing capability, you can spend 80 per cent of your time on insight and actions, which is where the value drivers are. The value drivers aren’t in collecting and analysing – the value drivers are in insight and actions. “

Digital transformation also has corporate strategic impact as John Khoury, general manager sales operation, technology and change management Hills Ltd, notes; “We realised that we have some great products and services but to compete in a global market and be agile and efficient – to survive and grow and acquire other businesses – we need to deliver a full digital transformation programme in 24 months.”

The benefits are also clear for the public sector. Heidi Madden, enterprise solutions, Department of Health said; “When citizen data isn’t centralised, it’s extremely difficult to get a clear picture of who they are and how they interact with the organisation. Dynamics 365 has made it easy to organise and access vital data, therefore improving the overall citizen experience.”

The new business application innovations Microsoft is releasing are designed to support digital transformation and spur business-process reform, using data and intelligence to derive insights that allow business and government to reimagine how to engage with customers and citizens, optimise products, services and operations, and empower employees.

Microsoft is the only provider of a modern, unified and intelligence-infused business applications platform, built atop a common data model, on a global-scale public cloud, connected to Office 365 and the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn.

We’re unleashing a wave of innovation across a series of categories with hundreds of new capabilities and features in three core areas: new business process applications; new intelligence infused throughout; and new application platform capabilities.

Australian customers which are leading the way with Microsoft Business Applications include:

Bupa TeleHealth: Deploying Dynamics 365 as a scalable, secure solution to provide 360-view of client information to allow tailored health recommendations. Dynamics is seen as a critical innovation runway allowing Bupa to integrate chatbots, cognitive services and robotics.

Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA): Dynamics 365 creates the framework for smarter schools, managing marketing, enrolment, attendance, assessment, wellbeing initiatives and financial management. Helps streamline interactions with the wider school community, deliver learning transparency, and supports reporting and administrative obligations.

Citta Designs: Dynamics 365 delivers Citta Design with operational flexibility and enhanced business transparency. The solution allows Citta to design and collaborate with their suppliers in real time, release products quickly and rapidly respond to changing consumer trends.

Department of Health, Australia: Working with Veritec, using Dynamics 365, and employing an Agile approach, the DoH is rolling out new secure case management solutions geared to optimise health outcomes. The organisation’s workflow is also improved with better and more efficient management and traceability of cases while reporting is enhanced

Hills Ltd: Hills is replacing Salesforce and four separate ERPs with Dynamics 365 as its CRM and ERP foundations for the future. Scalable and flexible solutions promote workplace flexibility, agility and a runway to continuous intelligence-infused improvement.

Majans:  Majans has replaced SAP Business One with Dynamics 365 and leveraging Microsoft PowerApps, Flow, PowerBI and Teams. The company is building strong digital foundations for its Factory of the Future and seeking sustainable competitive edge by fostering an information ecosystem that collects, analyses and acts on data.


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