Microsoft Australia Gender Pay Statement 2023

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At Microsoft, we are committed to the principle of pay equity: paying employees equitably for substantially similar work. We publish data in support of this commitment, as well as our commitments to increase representation and strengthen a culture of inclusion at Microsoft, in our annual Global Diversity & Inclusion report.

In addition to this global report, we continue to provide disclosures consistent with local requirements, including data published by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) under the Workplace Gender Equality Amendment Act 2023 in Australia. Detail from the disclosure is available at WGEA Data Explorer.

We believe that pay equity, combined with the gender pay gap figures published by the WGEA, provides a more comprehensive view of pay at Microsoft. As a result, we are also voluntarily sharing our pay equity analysis results for Australia. As of September 2023, women in Australia earn $1 total pay for every $1 earned by men with the same job title and level and considering tenure.

This analysis is consistent with the approach in our 2023 Global D&I Report and reflects total pay (base salary, annual bonus, and stock awards at the time of annual rewards) for rewards eligible women and men; all Microsoft employees are eligible for rewards if they have worked for more than 90 days in the fiscal year, provided they are still employed during the rewards period.

The data published by the WGEA reflects pay gap analysis, which measures the difference in pay of two employee groups regardless of factors that legitimately influence pay such as job title, level, and tenure. This is different from pay equity analysis, which measures the difference in the pay of two employee groups accounting for factors that legitimately influence pay. As long as we have pay equity, the existence of a pay gap highlights the need to continue to increase representation of women in more senior roles.

At Microsoft, D&I are central to our mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. We will continue to focus on attracting, developing, and retaining employees with a range of perspectives, skillsets, and experiences while maintaining our commitment to pay equity.

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