Start-ups look out: Bridge to MassChallenge is coming to Australia

Photo (L to R): Pip Marlow, Managing Director, Microsoft Australia, The Hon. Christopher Pyne, Federal Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, and Kara Shurmantine, Senior Director Global Partnerships, MassChallenge By Pip Marlow, Managing Director, Microsoft Australia At Microsoft, we have a deep heritage of believing in the power of innovation … Read more »

Microsoft welcomes Government’s Innovation Policy

Microsoft today welcomed the Turnbull Government’s Innovation Statement that proposes around 20 new measures to accelerate Australia’s innovation ecosystem to ensure Australia can remain globally competitive. “I am delighted to see this package of policies and reforms because a comprehensive suite of measures will be required if we are going … Read more »

Lessons from Boston: Three key ingredients for promoting innovation in Australia

Pip Marlow, Managing Director, Microsoft Australia To remain globally competitive, and maintain its high standard of living, Australia must quickly become a more innovation-driven economy. That means identifying the conditions required for competitive, high-value businesses to thrive. It also means capitalising on today’s high level of interest in innovation and … Read more »

Shopper Tech: Turning data into retailing gold

More than 30 years ago, after leaving school following Year 10, Max Valente did something unusual for a first year apprentice floor and wall tiler: with his first six pays he purchased a computer. He’s been doing the unusual ever since. Max is the founder of Thought Studio, a software … Read more »

The vine yields inspiration for young Adelaide innovators

Think of a business where predictions of the annual production can be out by as much as 30 per cent – and where no one will be the least bit surprised at that variation. That’s the extraordinary situation today with grapes being grown for wine-making, and it’s an expensive problem … Read more »

CloudFirst: the name that’s guiding the franchise industry

Brad Rappell was so impressed with Microsoft’s quick move to mobile-first, cloud-first and the release of the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program that he changed the name of his company. Last year, the Brisbane-based organisation that started life just over four years ago as Inverse Curve was reborn as CloudFirst, … Read more »

A new era for Australia’s most complete cloud

Pip Marlow, Managing Director, Microsoft Australia Today customers and partners can realise new opportunities and grow Australian innovation with the general availability of Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online from Australian data centres. Customers expect their data to be protected, they expect to remain in control of that data and … Read more »

Innovation made to measure

Who hasn’t at some point found it difficult to find proper fitting clothes? Shirts sleeves too long, dresses that don’t sit right or collars that almost suffocate. There’s always something that could fit better, if only the measurements were just right for you. The founders of mPORT shared these frustrations … Read more »